2,000 gallons of bleach spills in El Cajon

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EL CAJON, Calif. — A hazardous materials spill was reported Monday at an El Cajon pool supply company.

Around 5:30 a.m., workers at Abcana Industries discovered that a 4,000- gallon storage tank filled with bleach had been drained to half its capacity, Heartland Fire and Rescue spokesman Sonny Saghera said.

The 2,000 gallons of bleach went into a secondary containment area that also had a breech, and the chemical subsequently flowed into the storm drain and the company’s parking lot at 545 W. Bradley Ave., Saghera said.

Heartland Fire and Rescue personnel were joined by San Diego County and city hazmat crews sent to the scene around 7:20 a.m. to clean up the spill, which was contained, Saghera said.

An environmental crew was on scene to finish cleaning up the hazardous pool chemical, Saghera said.

Some of the bleach did spill into the storm drain, although it’s not know how much.

“We do know this storm drain leads to creek just down the road none of the material has gotten into that creek,” said Saghera.

City crews dumped sand into a drain to soak up the chemical.

Motorists were advised to avoid the area to avoid traffic delays, Saghera said the spill was not harmful to people.

“There’s no impact to the public at all the material is in an open area, it’s well ventilated. We have no atmospheric reading from any of our monitors.”

Crews were expected to have the chemical cleaned up by Monday afternoon.


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