Officer involved in fatal shooting wasn’t wearing body cam

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SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego police officer shot and killed a man armed with a knife in the Black Mountain Ranch community after the man allegedly charged at him Thursday night.

The San Diego Police Department is still investigating but confirmed there was no video footage of the encounter.

"In this instant, the officer was not wearing a body camera," said San Diego Police Homicide Lt. Paul Rorrison.

In May, Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman made a policy change to the body camera procedures in San Diego following an officer-involved shooting in the Midway District.

The previous body camera policy allowed officers to wait until they had made an enforcement contact before hitting record. Now officers must switch their cameras on when they get the radio call. So why did this officer not have a camera?

"We have about 600 officers currently that are wearing body-worn cameras. But the particular officer last night, that particular division -- Northwestern Division -- has not been issued body cameras," said San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman.

FOX 5 was able to catch up with Zimmerman, who is a big proponent of the devices.  She said the issue has been due to fiscal restraints and the department is now in the process of providing cameras to all 1,000 San Diego patrol officers.

“With this new budget that took effect on July 1, there’s money in that budget for an additional 400 body-worn cameras. So over the next several months, the other divisions that have not been issued body-worn cameras yet -- the officers that have not been issued those cameras -- will be issued those cameras," said Zimmerman.

SDPD said the officer involved in the shooting is a 24-year veteran of the department.

The officer's name was not released.  He is being placed on administrative leave.


  • William M

    Let’s see…another cop kills a citizen and NO BODY CAM is on! How surprising is that, hmmm?
    SDPD gets away with murder over and over. Who stops them? NOBODY!
    Corrupt cops, corrupt politicians….another bloody day in San Diego.

  • Emmett McMahon

    Hey, want to lower your taxes ?? The police are paid out of your tax monies. Just dis-ban the Police Dept. Sheriff Dept. the Marshalls etc. and while you are at it – have you ever researched how much it cost to lock prisoners up per year ?? Shut down the jails and prisons and turn them into condos or something useful. Now everybody should be happy – no cops to shoot at people and lower taxes, no eye sores with bars where windows and doors should be and lower taxes. Oh did I mention having a lower tax bill?

  • Shoot all the crazies!!! It's easier!!!

    Is it any surprise they are dragging their feet on the body cam issue? What cop in the right mindset to serve would go to a house of a mentally deranged individual and allow themselves to be put in harms way? I suggest sloppy police work where it is easier to shoot the known mentally ill than to find a non lethal way of apprehending.

  • Sloppy police work!

    Got to watch out for them 60 year old’s. They are faster and smarter than the SDPD…even if you give SDPD the heads up the 60yr old is crazy and wielding a knife. I agree, sloppy police work and dragging their feet on body cams to cover up for the sloppy work.

  • Michael Cas

    William M does this surprise you just like a couple months ago when they killed another man none of them were wearing their body cams or they were not turned on good job sdpd

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