Uber, Lyft get OK to pick up Lindbergh Field passengers

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SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Airport Authority is giving ride share companies Uber and Lyft permission to begin picking up travelers at Lindbergh Field.

It's part of a one-year pilot program implemented by the airport to give visitors an alternative to taxis.

The cab drivers say the move presents unfair competition that threatens their livelihoods.

"We are struggling right now, we are really struggling now," said Steve Sajjad who says he's been driving a cab for 34 years.

Sajjad said cabbies like him are subjected to a lot more regulations and oversight compared to Uber and Lyft drivers.

"We have to have commercial licenses and business licenses and carry $1 million insurance for passengers. Passengers are safer in our taxis as our cars are constantly inspected.  We charge the same every day at all times something Uber and Lyft don't do - they hide their prices," said Sajjad.

According to Sajjad, taxi drivers must pass yearly background checks conducted by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Uber and Lyft also require background checks for all of their drivers.

"Riders and drivers in San Diego voiced their strong support for ridesharing options at Lindbergh Field and we look forward to applying for the permit," Chris Ballard, GM Uber San Diego, stated Thursday.

Lyft sent a statement that read in part: "We're excited to announce that travelers will be able to request a Lyft ride at San Diego International Airport."


  • Jerry

    Oh boo hoo! Yes it’s the cabbies that are suffering… “Waaah! we no longer hold a monopoly on taxi service we used to milk money from everyone. What’s that you say? Offer a better experience and fair pricing to compete with Uber and Lyft? Blasphemy! We should be able to charge ridiculous rates, not be accountable for terrible service (You can rate your Uber driver), take longer routes, deflate our tires to jack up prices, and expect a nice tip on top of it all!”

    Get with the times or disappear.

    • WhatTheFrench

      AMEN! They are a terrible overpriced service! And when you do end up getting a taxi the driver never wants to talk to you or be personable at all. They just sit there with their bluetooth headset speaking in some other language making the over all experience awkward. Uber and Lyft services are far more comfortable and casual vs a cab. And the wait times are next to non existent. The days of horrible taxi service are numbered.

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