Lost driver stalls car on trolley tracks

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SAN DIEGO - Trolley service was shut down during the Wednesday morning commute after an out-of-town driver got stuck on the tracks in downtown San Diego.

The out-of-town driver made a wrong turn near Ash Street and the rental car became stuck on trolley tracks, authorities said.   He drove about two blocks on the tracks before realizing his error.

A tow truck was able to get the car with a flat tire off the tracks by 10:05 a.m.  The trolley service returned to service soon after.


  • Bob Marsh

    Granted some GPS units think California Street still exists next to the tracks but how in the world do you think it’s OK to drive down the tracks and continue on for 2 BLOCKS! I would think that before you even completed the turn you would see there is NO road and not try to drive over the tracks.

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