Motorcyclist critically injured popping wheelie

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SAN DIEGO – A man was fighting for his life Tuesday morning after popping a wheelie on his motorcycle and crashing into a car in Logan Heights, police said.

The 23-year-old motorcyclist was heading south on South 32nd Street when he ran a red light at Oceanview Boulevard, investigators said. He crashed into a sedan while speeding through the intersection with his front wheel in the air.

The driver of the sedan told police he didn’t see the motorcycle because its headlight was shining into the air. He drove into the intersection after stopping at a stop sign, right into the path of the motorcycle .

The motorcyclist suffered life-threatening injuries to his head and body.

No one else was hurt in the crash.


    • Gav

      How is that funny? My friend is in a coma and you think its funny. I hope any of you who say hateful, ignorant things, get what’s coming to you. This story isn’t even right. He wasn’t popping a wheelie. The dudes covering his ass because he ran a light.. Shame on you hateful people.

      • Yes I do

        How do you know that this is not how it really happened? I realize that you are upset over your friend’s condition, but is there information that you have, which was not revealed to us here?

  • O

    “Popping wheelie”…LOL, have not heard it called this in a long time. Looks funny in the story’s title. I wish this guy the best, but there are some things you just don’t do.

  • Buddy Burke

    This almost never happens. The problem with wheelies is you have no steering. Those of you who got this big hate on for motorcycles and wheelies but you’ll have to put up with it. You walk streets full of panhandlers and muggers. Your beaches have great whites laying in packs for you. And you maroon yourselves in a state where the water is gone and won’t be back ever. You’ll put up with the wheelies…

    • Phil Thomlinsen

      STFU, moron.

      All of the threats you mentioned will suffer the same consequences as Mr. Poppa Wheelie.

      Panhandle from me and you’ll get a throat punch.

  • Scott V.

    First off, in typical fashion the article title is wrong; “Motorcyclist critically injured popping a wheelie.” No he was not, he was critically injured when a vehicle crossed his path. Even if he was riding a wheelie and/or speeding, as a driver you shouldn’t proceed until the path is clear.

    And to you a-holes that are happy about this, a person is fighting for his life and you find humor/enjoyment in this??!! The whole lot of you are morons.

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