Photo of mother-son cancer survivors encourages others

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OLATHE, Kan. — A Kansas City mother and son have encouraged thousands of pediatric cancer patients and now a magazine has their photo featured on the cover.

Flip through the pages of HerLife magazine and you'll find the inspirational mother and son. Her Life photojournalist Heather Murrow captured the Hofens showing that cancer no longer controls them.

"Never give up" is Deliece Hofen’s mission through the Braden’s Hope Foundation, a cause inspired by her son's battle with cancer.  Through the foundation, the Hofens have raised thousands of dollars to help sick kids.

The Hofens have battled cancers for most of Braden’s life. While Braden, who is also autistic, battled Neoblastoma as a toddler, Deliece was undergoing treatments for stage two breast cancer.

“(The magazine photo shoot) gives us an opportunity to tell everyone about it,” Deliece Hofen said. “The people of Kansas City are so beautiful. They really envelope these kids in their arms. They want to get involved and they want to help out.”

Courtesy: HerLife magazine

Courtesy: HerLife magazine

“Being able to hold this cover in our hands is something that you can look at for years in the future,” Deliece Hofen said. “The cool thing is, I can look at this picture and honestly feel the love.”

Ann Kohlstaad works with the Her Life staff, and says the pediatric community owes Hofen a great debt.

“That’s why she’s on the cover,” Kohlstaad said. “She is single-handedly changing cancer in our healthcare community, if not in this country, then beyond. She has personally raised funds toward new treatments and research for these kids.”

Most importantly, Braden and Deliece say they’re feeling great. This fall, Braden will celebrate a year and a half since he left cancer behind.

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