Hit-and-run driver shears off hydrant in Barrio Logan

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SAN DIEGO – A hit-and-run driver sheared off a fire hydrant in Barrio Logan early Monday morning, causing thousands of gallons of water to spew into the street.

The Chevy Suburban crashed at 1625 Rigel Street just after 10 p.m. Sunday. The driver jumped out of the car and ran from the scene. No good description was available.

The street flooded after the crash, and San Diego police re-routed drivers. Utility workers cut off power to an electrical box on the street because of the danger of electrocution.

Workers managed to stop the flow and all roads were reopened, but not before thousands of gallons of water flowed down storm drains.


  • Phil Thomlinsen

    I think everyone would agree that the cesspool that is barrio logan could use a good rinsing off…

  • Jhon

    I saw this guy in South Crest that same night. He approached me in an alley and wanted to use my cellphone but I refused because he looked drugged out. He said they had just stolen his truck and crashed it into a fire hydrant, but how would he even know that if his car was “stolen”. He also said if the police come around to tell them he’s a friend and he’s been with me all night. He got pretty aggressive when I refused my cellphone to him and stormed off

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