Pastor worries America could be destroyed by gay marriage decision

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EL CAJON - The Supreme Court's decision to give its blessing to gay marriage worries a local pastor.

Jim Garlow, pastor at Skyline Church in El Cajon for 20 years told FOX5 News "If American is not destroyed by this decision they'll (future generations) will be going:  what were they thinking to destroy the notion that a mommy and daddy are needed to raise the children.  That's the definition of marriage.

He cites the Bible for his beliefs regarding marriage.

We checked with other local religious leaders.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego told us they would not comment on today's decision.   Miles McPherson, pastor at The Rock in Point Loma is out of town.  A spokesperson told us no other pastors could serve as a spokesperson on this subject.   The Mormon church in LaJolla said we would need to speak with "Salt Lake City".

A few people we spoke with on the streets of San Diego were against the decision, citing their religious beliefs.  One man, Lanny Ruffin, held his young son and said he's raise him the way he was raised.

"How I was raised, I don't agree with that (gay marriage) but in this day and age whatever people choose to do, that's what they do."






    • Gary

      I agree 1000% we can’t say 1 nation under God , we have to fight for a cross on a mountain to honor the vets but they know painted the white house in rainbow colors? What a disgrace. …

    • Joe

      OH NO! People who are in love are getting married. It’s the end of the world! THE SKY IS FALLING!! THE SKY IS FALLING!! You’re hilarious…

  • David

    Oh no…America passed Gay marriage… quick hide..the poopie dicks.. America is going down like Canada did by passing their gay marriage 15 years ago.. God must love Canada for passing Gay marriage because their country is prospering A LOT more than ours….

    Lmao poor blind sheep don’t even know or follow and know their own master.

    Satan is laughs and enjoys religious bigots

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