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Mom says school ignoring safety of students

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LA MESA, Calif. - School might be out, but one local mother's fight for the safety of students at Avocado Elementary has just begun.

Arlene Bonifacio said the Safety Patrol program at the La Mesa  school is putting the program's student volunteers at risk because there is no adult supervision during set up operations in the morning.

Safety Patrol is made up of volunteer students who help other students cross the street before classes begin in the morning.

Bonifacio said while there is adult supervision from 7:45a.m. onward, there is no supervision during set up which begins at 7:30.

She's concerned for the students' safety as Fury Lane is known to be a very busy roadway.

Bonifacio's daughter is a soon-to-be fifth grader and was selected to be part of Safety Patrol for the upcoming school year.

During her training in late May, Bonifacio witnessed several days in which the students went unsupervised, while carrying large, heavy cones on the outer edges of the bike lane along Fury Lane.

She said she also witnessed several cars zip quickly past the students, regardless of it being a 25 mph school zone.

After voicing her concerns to several school officials including Avocado Elementary's principal, Bonifacio said nothing was done.

Bonifacio was also shocked when the principal, Gail Boone, called to inform Bonifacio her daughter was removed from the Safety Patrol program because of Bonifacio's concern over her daughter's safety.

Bonifacio was outraged, calling it an act of retaliation for speaking up.

On Tuesday, Bonifacio and a couple of concerned parents addressed the Cajon Valley Union School District board members and called attention to this matter, stressing a deadly accident could result in the lack of supervision for the students.

The board said student safety was of utmost importance and advised Bonifacio Superintendent, Dr. David Miyashiro, would be meeting with the mother to further discuss her concerns.

Ms. Boone with Avocado Elementary was not available for comment.


  • 0928texas

    “Back in the day” I was a school safety patrol volunteer at Pacific Beach Elementary. We managed it without having an adult watching our every move. This is a non-story; it’s a helicopter mom with too much time on her hands to let children learn responsibility. Her issue is with lax enforcement of the 25 mph zone, not the school.

  • Joe

    SO typical of a school administrator to punish a child who has done nothing wrong.
    Ms. Boone, get your act together. The children NEED supervision and your knee jerk reaction to punish the child is shameful.

  • Ray

    I feel bad for you and your childhood. Just by reading your comment says a lot of how uneducated you are. Times have changed idiot! Lord I hope you have no children. Obviously you have no idea how protected a child feels when a parent goes above and beyond to look after them and other kids. Your a GREAT MOTHER ARLENE!

    • BRANDY

      My children had Ms. Boone as a principal in PB. If it’s the same one, I’m NOT very fond of her at ALL. A mother is a protector, I would have done the same. At a elementary school her in PB. They also do the same and there is ALWAYS an ADULT with the children. Cars are machines and the people that drive them are inpatient and text and do not care until they are facing MURDER charges for not paying attention. Than they all of a sudden care.

  • Mario

    How come if the Mom was so concerned about her child’s safety she didn’t pull her from safety patrol duties herself? No one was forcing her to volunteer for this assignment. She spoke out that in her opinion it’s unsafe, so the school did exactly what it had to do.

    • Taylor

      Yes, it’s an honor to be on Safety Patrol. These parents weren’t inform that these children would be unsupervised during the first 15 mins of set up . I’m sure they would of reconsidered. I heard a permission slip and a handbook was given . No where in those forms did the school inform them parents of such an act of unsupervised matter.

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