Fan’s drive to keep Chargers in town rejected by city

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Boltman Returns With A New Look

Dan Jauregui, known as the Boltman

SAN DIEGO — Dan Jauregui, known as “Bolt Man,” says the city should consider hiring a New York-based law firm to sue the Chargers and the NFL.

He presented a demand letter Thursday to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith asking he look into hiring a group of lawyers who specialize in anti-trust law because the team and the NFL are not negotiating in good faith and are violating anti-trust laws.

But the idea has been rejected by Goldsmith because the team has an agreement in place, which states the city cannot sue the Chargers or a third party.

“All we’re asking is that Jon Goldsmith reach out to this law firm that has a reputation for winning cases against NFL,” said Jauregui.

The City Attorney’s Office maintains this is not an option.


  • Bawk Bawk Bawk The chickens are going home to roost!

    This is the height of stupidity! The fans are a bunch of hormone driven teenagers who don’t get it…..I will spell it out as clearly as I can to save the pain of asking why after the fact. It’s not you, It’s not San Diego, It’s them!!!! The San Diego Traitors are running like a bunch of heartless soulless boltless chickens to LA. GET OVER IT, Quit crying and don’t give your heart to them ever EVER again. It was never love on their part, you were being used. Good bye to yesterdays rubbish.

  • Time to end a bad relationship

    Its business, Not love. They were only here because we were the best deal at the time. They found a better deal than San Diego could ever offer. I say let them go -and- if they ever want to come back it will be on our terms. They will be ours to do with as we please. Cut them off don’t go to their games let them beg for fans.

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