Water Authority gives away free water-collecting buckets

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SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego County Water Authority plans to start giving away free seven-gallon buckets Friday that residents can use to save water during the drought.

The containers can collect water during showers, while doing dishes or rinsing produce, or used to boil pasta or steam vegetables, according to the water authority.

The collected water can then be used for plants, washing cars or windows, soaking dishes or even flushing toilets, SDCWA officials said.

California residents have been ordered to cut back water use by 25 percent over 2013 levels -- the result of a four-year-long drought. Local water agencies were assigned individual cutback targets by state water officials, ranging from 12 percent to 36 percent.

Pails will be given away Friday at the Del Mar Fair, from 10 a.m. until noon -- or while supplies last -- at the entrance to the Paul Ecke Jr. Flower & Garden Show.

They will be available at the water authority headquarters, 4677 Overland Ave. in Kearny Mesa, beginning Monday during regular business hours.

Additional giveaways are being planned through the summer.


  • Karl

    Willing to bet one year’s salary, Mine -vs- Producer, that the bucket pictured is not what is being offered/distributed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why on Earth can’t media just be honest? Seriously?

  • James

    Ridiculous. If you looked at a pie chart of water usage you’d need to get out a microscope to see the piece for showers and dishes.

  • Judith Swanson

    Yet it has been made illegal to collect rain water to use in the same ways, without turning on a faucet.

  • D. Ashley

    Hubby got ours..they are flipping 2 gallon buckets from Home Depot. Wondering how much the county paid for them. No WAY are they 7 gallon buckets. Hubs was told he could steam veggies in them. Stupid. What do we do with these? Drop in the bucket as it were.

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