Chargers: Red tape makes December stadium vote impossible

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SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Chargers spokesman announced Tuesday the public vote set for December 15 for a proposed stadium is not possible.

Mark Fabiani, Special Counsel to the San Diego Chargers, released this statement:

“The Chargers thank the City of San Diego’s negotiating team for working with us to try to find a way, at this late date, to place a stadium ballot measure before voters in December 2015 while complying fully with the California Environmental Quality Act and election law requirements. Both groups have spent many hours examining possible options, and we have now discussed these options together at three formal meetings and during numerous informal conversations.

Based on all of this work and discussion, the Chargers have concluded that it is not possible to place a ballot measure before voters in December 2015 in a legally defensible manner given the requirements of the State’s election law and the California Environmental Quality Act. The various options that we have explored with the City’s experts all lead to the same result:

Significant time-consuming litigation founded on multiple legal challenges, followed by a high risk of eventual defeat in the courts.

The Chargers are committed to maintaining an open line of communication with the City’s negotiators as we move through the summer and leading up to the special August meeting of National Football League owners. That meeting may provide important information about what is likely to occur during the remainder of 2015.”


  • noway

    Let them go to Carson. The 405 Freeway, LAX, Long Beach Shipyards, and the new “No Black Out Rule”, no one will go to the games. That stadium will be empty, and that is what they will deserve. Get greedy, and greed will get you. And if you want to go to the game, leave on Saturday so your on time. Take Monday off so you can get home and rest from all the traffic.

  • O

    The city should simply say, “effective this upcoming season, you will need to pay X amount to play in Qualcomm – we will apply these monies towards a new stadium.”

  • James West

    It’s too good to be true. Maybe we’ll have money to spend on infrastructure everyone needs such as real water, not the foul-smelling toilet to tap water Faulconer’s public relations team renamed “Pure Water”.

  • Charles

    Totally Agree, et them go. they don’t want to be here anyways……and they are not that good…….

  • guppy

    Mr. Mayor, show them you have cojones and say adios! You were elected to represent all citizens of SD, not greedy owners n small percetange of chargers fans in our city. Please redirect your energy to once again make this city “the most beautiful city in AMERICA”.

  • Shawn Fox

    Be careful what you wish for. The RAMs just moved to St. Louis within the last two decades. How long should a stadium last before an owner wants a new one funded at least partially by taxpayers? We’re now talking over one billion dollars to build a new stadium. Will they be asking for a 4 billion stadium 12 years from now?

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