Girl, 10, died of natural causes after roller coaster ride

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VALENCIA, Calif. — A 10-year-old girl died of natural causes after riding a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said Tuesday.

Jasmine Martinez collapsed Friday afternoon following her ride on the coaster Revolution, KTLA reports. She was found unconcious but breathing then airlifted to a hospital where she died the next day.

No further details about the child’s death were released. The same day she was found unconscious, state investigators determined the cause of her death was not related to the ride.

“There is no evidence to suggest that this was in any way ride related. We do not know if there was a pre-existing condition,” Magic Mountain said in a June 12 statement to KTLA.

More than 45 million people have safely ridden Revolution since it was opened in 1976, KTLA reports, citing theme park officials. The ride’s top speed is 55 mph, and it reaches an elevation of 12 stories, the park website stated.


  • Susan

    This roller coaster is an accident waiting to happen if you ask me! The girl might have died of “natural causes” but being on a ride, going 55 miles an hour, probably accelerated her death and definitely prevented her from getting the help she needed. We don’t need this kind of a ride. Bigger and faster is not better. It’s more dangerous.

    • Lety

      It’s was her parents choice to allow such a young girl to ride this big scary ride. I think it’s not suitable for kids under 16

    • jmg

      While it is a tragedy and absolute heartbreak to her family and friends, this ride is nearly 40 years old and hers is the first fatality. Compared to the modern roller coasters that go in excess of 80mph and can experience well over 9 Gs, this one is a walk in the park. I would have no problem letting my 8 year old ride this roller coaster.

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