Boy, 4, dies after yacht club pool party

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William Abbott (

SAN DIEGO — Donations were being accepted online Tuesday to help a family with medical costs and funeral expenses for a 4-year-old San Diego boy who died after being pulled unconscious from a pool at the San Diego Yacht Club.

William Abbott was found unresponsive in a pool during a school party at the club at 1011 Anchorage Lane shortly after 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. He was initially taken to UC San Diego Medical Center, but was later transferred to Rady Children’s Hospital, where he died shortly after 3:30 p.m. Friday, according to the county Medical Examiner’s Office.

Authorities listed his cause of death as a brain injury due to drowning and deemed it an accident.

A GoFundMe page was started Wednesday to raise money for William’s family. As of this morning, more than half of its $100,000 goal had been donated.

“We thank everyone for the outpouring of love,” the family said in a statement on the fundraising site. “It really helps our sorrow to know that we are supported by our family, our friends and our community near and far.”

Plans for a memorial service have yet to be announced.


  • Donna

    How can any parent leave their child unattended at a pool party? This is a tragedy and it should have never happened. Very sad!

  • Bryan

    Parents fail their child and then start a GoFundMe account so they don’t have to pay. Rich people suck.

  • Ava

    I have been to that yacht club many times. Its filled with pretencious snobs who sit around drinking and pay no attention to their children. This could have easily been prevented. That pool is often over crowded and there are no lifeguards and parents are too busy socializing to be paying attention to their kids.

  • matt

    I have also been to the yacht club for a soccer party one of the families posted. The pool was way to small for the number of people that we’re there. My wife even said to me, “no one is watching these kids, this is an accident waiting to happen”. Why we’re the parents not IN the pool with a 4 year old???!! I feel sorry that they have to live with the guilt, but this was preventable. If you want to leave a 4 year old in a pool unattended, put a life jacket on them. I also agree with other poster, way too many people drinking instead of watching their kids.

    • JF

      I heard they actually WERE in the pool with him, and there was a game of ‘hold your breathe’ or something being played. They were right beside him and just didn’t realize he was the one who hadn’t come up when all the kids were going up and down. I am sure they are in an intense amount of pain and suffering enough guilt. People are so heartless online.
      Its true, clearly someone wasn’t paying enough attention and that will haunt them forever, but, to make a statement that they were drinking, or rich snobs who don’t care? Some of these people are just heartless….

      • matt

        If that child was not a strong swimmer to begin with, he should have had a life jacket on. 2 parents to 2 children “supposedly in the pool”, that is a 1-1 ratio. If you are playing a game of hold your breath, why wouldn’t you be looking for your 4 year old to come back up immediately. I don’t feel sorry for these parents, I feel sorry for the child who drown amongst irresponsible adults! I would have no problem saying this to anyone’s face. I only responded to this article because my wife and I have seen first-hand how irresponsible parents at the country club are. In fact, a group of parents let their children go jump off of a dock into the bay while they sat and drank their cocktails! Something isn’t right, someone should have noticed that child was drowning. RIP little guy.

        • JF

          Well, its pretty obvious something wasn’t ‘right.’ We certainly agree on that. I just feel sad that people judge so freely online – those parents are grieving.
          And, the club pool was rented by the school for the party – the people were not members (I mean, maybe not the ‘usual’ crowd you are referring to). A lot of unknowns, and no room for anyone to judge unless you were there and know exactly what the circumstances were.
          and yes, RIP – that poor little soul. I have a four year old and have been thinking about this story a lot. So incredibly awful.

          • Spike

            Agree with you, JF. People can be so heartless–how can we not grieve for those parents? So easy to judge from a distance, without all the facts. This is a tragedy, and posters should not throw acid on the wounds here.

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