Thieves pluck wallets from distracted shoppers

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SAN DIEGO — A reward of up to $1,000 was offered Wednesday for information leading to the arrest of two women who stole wallets from distracted grocery store customers in La Jolla and University City and later used the victims’ credit cards.

A surveillance picture of the suspect who used a stolen credit card at Sprouts on April 22. (San Diego Crime Stoppers)

A surveillance picture of the suspect who used a stolen credit card at Sprouts on April 22. (San Diego Crime Stoppers)

The first theft occurred April 9 around 11:30 a.m. at Trader Joe’s at 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive, according to San Diego police Officer Mark Herring. One of the suspects asked the victim questions about produce while the other fished her wallet out of her purse, which was in her shopping cart, he said.

The victim realized her wallet had been taken after the suspects left the store. Her credit card was then used at a Target store, according to Herring.

A similar incident was reported around noon April 22 at Sprouts at 3358 Governor Drive. That victim’s credit card was then used at a Target store at 8257 Mira Mesa Blvd., Herring said.

The suspect who struck up conversations with the victims, described as a black woman in her early 20s, was caught on surveillance video in one of the thefts.

A description of the second suspect was not immediately available.

Herring said the suspects may be traveling in a dark-colored sedan. He asked anyone with information on their identities or whereabouts to call police at (858) 552-1700, or to contact Crime Stoppers by calling (888) 580-8477, or send an email to


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  • andy

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  • Connie

    It was a white woman that stole a wallet out of a customer’s purse in a store I was in just yesterday…I’m black…Wasn’t me. Where does this nonsense come from? Criminals come in all colors…

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