Property owners, travelers concerned about Hurricane Blanca

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SAN DIEGO -- Hurricane Blanca has weakened from a category 4 to category 2 and is expected to make landfall somewhere between Cabo San Lucas and Puerto San Carlos Saturday night or Sunday, the exact track of its center remains uncertain, but hurricane warnings in populated areas are expected to be issued by late Friday.

No flights on the board at San Diego’s Lindbergh field were affected Friday. Despite that, for those with property or are traveling to Cabo, they’re keeping a close eye on Blanca.

Mexico’s Los Cabos Resort following last September’s Hurricane Odile left eh popular tourist destination leveled. A handful of hotels in the region still remain closed.

“We lucked out we only had minor damage at our place.” Said Cabo homeowner Rich Soergel.

With the latest storm Hurricane Blanca, tracking toward the same region, people like Rich Soergel who owns a home in Cabo says they're watching the forecast closely.

“Fortunately we didn’t have to board any windows up last time but this time we won’t because we don’t think it’s going to be as big but it can always change course as you know.”

Rich’s home luckily only sustained minor damage from Odile. But he says with hurricanes being so common there you just never know.

“They’re so excited to go to Cabo they don’t understand when they land there could be something dangerous.” Said Soergel.

Hotels in Los Cabos remain prepared for bad weather, mindful of hurricane Odile, since then each hotel has at least 15 days of supplies and food on hand.

“We will be notified, either by telephone, or by email.” Said travel agent Bobbie Findlay.

Bobbie Findlay of Carmel Mountain’s ”Bobbies Travel And Cruises” says she is always alerted when there is inclement weather. She says people traveling can’t just cancel flights unless you have insurance that covers bad weather.

“Get the right insurance, number one whenever you’re going on any trip. Check with the airport, check with the travel agent, cruise line, if you’re doing it on your own… Are you still going? I hear there is inclement weather are we still on for traveling?” said Findlay.

With Blanca set to hit this weekend. Bobbie has been told so far everything is a go.

“Right now everybody is going, airlines, hotels, and cruise… if you’re going this weekend. You better be packing your bags because you’re heading to Cabo.“ Findlay said.

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