Girl, 13, commits suicide after dad’s public-shaming video posted online

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TACOMA, Wash. -- A 13-year-old Washington girl took her own life after her father recorded a video of him punishing her, sparking a debate over public shaming videos posted online by parents.

On Saturday, Izabel Laxamana got out of a car and jumped from a highway overpass, landing on Interstate 5 below, police said.  She was rushed to a local hospital where she later died, according to WPIX.

The suicide came after a 15-second video showing her father questioning Laxamana after cutting off her hair as punishment for unspecified behavior was shared online.

"The consequences of getting messed up?" the father says for the camera as he pans from his daughter's face to a pile of hair lying at her feet.  "Man, you lost all that beautiful hair.  Was it worth it?"

"No," Laxamana says.

"How many times did I warn you?"

"Twice," she says quietly.

While many have criticized the father online, police say he didn't upload the video and that it wasn't meant to be published.

"She was a 13-year-old that made some poor choices, meaning that she didn't have to kill herself," Tacoma Public Information Officer Loretta Cool told the New York Daily news.  Police believe an unidentified third party uploaded the video, thinking it would help.

While her father may have intended the video to be a personal reminder for his daughter's eyes only, her suicide has prompted a larger debate over the public punishments that can haunt children online -- years after they broke the rules.

Board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Jodi Gold says if you are at a loss as to how to best help your bullied child, the first step is to make sure you’re not part of the problem.

A Facebook page, "Justice For Izabel," decries Laxamana's punishment and the shaming of other children.


  • Ali

    1st off the father needs to held accountable for the Child Abuse and mental abuse he made his daughter go threw… It’s his messed up parenting that caused this poor girl to kill herself …. 2nd off I think all parents need to talk to their pre-teens and teens that there is more to life… Just because one is having a bad day it doesn’t mean it’s a bad life…

      • John

        Maybe YOU need to try growing up and getting a bit more compassion for something you obviously know NOTHING about. And YES, I meant to use the cap lock.

      • Christina Berry

        Clearly you don’t remember what it’s like to be a teenager. NOTHING is trivial at that age, and most kids can’t see beyond Friday night. They don’t have the maturity to realize that all the junior high and high school BS doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and everything seems like a tragedy. I’m quite sure this was not trivial to her and while you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, shame on you for being so insensitive.

        • Joey

          If that is the case Christina we should never charge a teenager as an adult for a crime. After all most kid’s can’t see beyond Friday night.

  • amanda


  • Charles

    I would never have done what the father did. BUT — those of you who are critical of him need to check yourselves. This was a father who was trying to guide and direct his daughter in the right ways. Clearly he had a challenge on his hands. Good grief, she jumped from a car and committed suicide. Doesn’t that give you some idea of how messed up she was? She probably had some serious issues.

    He was doing his best.

    I suspect most of you critics have not lived more than 30 years. If you live a long time and learn to be a parent, you will find out, it is not so easy.

    • tampagal

      Well said…… I have a 15 year old, and I monitor his online activity daily. While I have yet to see anything that would require me to take things to the level that this father did, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have if it came to that point. I see parents publicly shaming their kids online and I’ve commended the parents for using social media to curb certain behaviors in their child. Nothing frightens a child more than public embarrassment……. in this case however, this poor child clearly had some other issues and as a parent my heart goes out to the parents in this tragic loss….

  • Steph

    Its super sad because as parents we do try to make the best decisions for our children. We try to educate them the best way we see fit at the time. All parents reflect and will want to take away a reaction out of anger or hurt. We try to guide them for their future. I hope the parent finds peace because forever he will be his own monster. I couldn’t imagine living with this pain when really you just made a choice out of love with the wrong emotion not knowing at the time what the real future consequence would be….

  • tam

    piece of crap people like that should NOT be allowed to have children. Kids mess up, it’s what they do. I hope someone “punishes” him like he punished his daughter. He wasn’t trying to “guide her in the right way” What parent guides their children by cutting off their hair as punishment? HE ASKED HIS DAUGHTER, “WAS IT WORTH IT??” HE SHOULD NOW BE ASKING HIMSELF THE SAME QUESTION….WAS IT WORTH IT? WAS IT WORTH BEING SUCH A HARDA$$ FOR SOMETHING THAT PROBABLY WASN’T THAT BAD TO BEGIN WITH. WAS IT WORTH IT TO NOT BE UNDERSTANDING?

  • Christina Berry

    I have two 13 year old nieces and I can tell you that at this age, everything is wrought with meaning and everything is a drama. I can totally see how this child thought her life was over because she was so humiliated by what her father did, but it’s heartbreaking that she didn’t realize it wouldn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. To the parents who do public shaming of their kids, I hope you now see the grave potential danger in such a stupid act. If your child needs to be disciplined, fine. Do it at home, behind closed doors, and don’t air your dirty laundry for all the world to see. It’s no one else’s business, and the damage to the child can last for years, or for eternity in this case.

  • John buron

    What does his wife think? Are there other children in the house? Maybe he should be posted on line! Maybe ,maybe he will ask himself every waking moment ” was it worth it ” . Perhaps he should be shunned by his friends and community !

  • tink666

    Its bad enough kids getting bullied in school yet alone getting it at home. Its sad but now the dad is being held responsible by remembering that his daughter is gone and he feels that he punished her enough. Now its the end for her and the beginning of his pain

  • Angelica

    This young teenager commited suicide to get what out of it? I’m a yeenager myself and I know how it feels to be sad, disappointed, and unwanted sometimes. This young girl is lucky to have her biological parents. It’s because of parents like her father that the few children in this children population grow up to be young men and woman. Back then it was way worst for children and you didn’t see them killing themselves here and there. I’m proud i have a good family that know how to take care of me. A good parent isn’t the parent that tells their childsweetie or honey its ok just don’t do it again or go to your room and no tv everytime they do something wrong so they can go right ahead and do it again. Back then children were hit with sticks, wires you name it and you can say most of that population grew up to be reponsible men and women. It’s because our government that says parents can’t disapline their children that parents have to look for another way that is not illegal. This father didn’t lay a hand on her assuming with what this artical said. You can’t even tap your child on the butt nor hand that they come to say you was abussing them. Your children don’t belong to you they belong to the government because you can’t disapline them but the government can. This is why our soceity is so messed up because children learn that they can get away with a lot with their parents so most of this children population grow up to be criminals or rely on others. It’s only the few parents in this world that actually know how to care for a child that they grow up to be young men and woman not saying that hitting them is always disapline, sometime taping their butt teaches them. Not always these sweet words from mommy or daddy. I dont need and replies. This childed killed herself its sad and disappointing but she got nothing out of it but getting her father who raised her in jail that what she should really have been doing appreciating and thanking him for what he has done to raise her. Not every parent is perfect and if she didn’t know that she would have learned it later on. She was lucky to have her biological father in her life because many grow up without them and without their mothers. Both sides have wrong to them but in this case her father dicipled her. It was her decision if she wanted to commit suicide her father didnt make her jump off everyone makes their own decision but not everyone knows about the consequence, she made that decision and what did she get out of it? NOTHING!

  • Angelica

    This young girl didnt get bullied she got disaplined and yes she messed up he father yelled at her over a video and she mad her decision and killed herself. She was only 13 that doesnt mean anything she made her own decision she completed it and got in trouble for it then she went and made another decision just to get nothing out of it

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