Poway considers new design for Tony Gwynn memorial

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POWAY, Calif. -- The City of Poway is looking for design ideas for a proposed memorial honoring baseball legend Tony Gwynn.

During a city council meeting Wednesday, the Poway Community Services Department presented the idea of building a plaque. However, Mayor Steve Vaus and the city council rejected it.

“We struck out. We could do so much better and Tony deserves so much more,” said Vaus. “If I had it my way, we would have a statue that was a little bit bigger than life so that kids look up and say wow…that was Tony Gwynn and he lived right here.”

The city is now looking to the community for design ideas.

"He had a great smile and I think what they have over at Petco – the statue in the park…I think something like that would be great,” said Poway resident Audra Baecker.

Shortly after Gwynn’s death last June, the Poway City Council said it would rename the baseball field after the baseball star.

The memorial is slated to go up in front of the baseball field at Lake Poway Park.

Vaus does not have a deadline set for the new design but would like to see it go up as soon as possible.