Officers pull over driver with thousands of loose bees in car

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Courtesy of Montana Highway Patrol

MONTANA — A man driving his car with thousands of bees inside was pulled over by Montana Highway Patrol.

Montana Highway Patrol received reports of a car driving all over the road on May 22, FOX 40 reported. The caller said the car had bees all over the inside of the windows and that bees were flying around inside.

Officers found the car and pulled it over. The driver was removed from the car and said the bees were harmless “Russian Honeybees.”

(Courtesy: Montana Highway Patrol Facebook)

The car contained five hives with thousands of bees.

Officers contacted the state beekeeper and learned that although he used a very unsafe way to transport bees, no permits were required transport them throughout the state.

The driver was released after he was issued a citation for careless driving.