Officers patrol tracks during railroad crossing safety day

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SAN DIEGO -- As part of national “Train Safety Awareness Day,” police patrolled the area near Barrio Logan looking for those breaking the law.

Nearly a dozen officers camped out on Wednesday at the intersection of 28th and Main streets between noon and 5 p.m.

“I’m going to get a ticket now probably,” said driver David Rene Castro who was cited for driving past the line while the train's lights were flashing.

Officers cited nearly ten people within the first hour of the event.

The purpose of the effort is to flag risky behavior on the part of motorists and pedestrians as a means of raising awareness about the need for caution around train tracks.

In addition to writing tickets and giving warnings, officers also took the time to educate.

“Its quite amazing that a lot of the public out here, they see the railroad arms coming down and the bells ringing and they just go about their business ... like it no big thing,” said Sergeant Pete Townsend with the San Diego police department.

In 2014, the San Diego region had 28 non-fatal railroad crossing accidents and 12 accidents that were fatal.

As part of the nationwide event, officers were also patrolling by the Old Town Trolley station.

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  • What a stupid disservice to the public!

    Way to go Zimmerman! This is how you build good public relations and public trust!

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