Vehicle thefts on the rise in Escondido

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- A rash of stolen cars and motorcycles have kept police chasing thieves through their city on a daily basis.

Investigators say thieves are targeting cars from the 90’s and street bikes.

“Most times they are broken down for parts to be sold for penny’s on the dollar,” said Escondido police Lt. Michael Kearney .

At the beginning on the year thefts had hit a record low, but now traffic officers have their hands following up on the growing theft problem.

Victims told FOX 5 their neighbors are the thieves and the unrest causes families to be on their guard.

One victim said his car was stolen while the engine was running when he ran back into his house to get a cup of coffee. When he returned, the car was gone.

Police have made one big arrest, but there are more expected.


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