Elementary school kitchen manager fired for giving students without money free lunch

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AURORA, Colo. — A married mother of two was fired from her job as the kitchen manager at an elementary school in Colorado for giving lunches to students who didn’t have money, CBS Denver reports.

Della Curry was the manager at Dakota Valley Elementary School near Aurora. She told CBS Denver that she would see students — who often times weren’t signed up for free lunch programs — crying because of hunger and no lunch money.

“I had a first grader in front of me, crying because she doesn’t have enough money for lunch,” Curry told CBS. “Yes, I gave her lunch.”

Typically, students who don’t have lunch and don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch receive one slice of cheese on a hamburger bun, and a small milk. Believing that meal not sufficient, Curry often bought the students lunch with money from her own pocket, she said.

To qualify for free lunch, a family of four needs to have an income of around $31,000. Curry said many students she helped did not qualify for that program. Parents stepped up in Curry’s defense, saying she often helped when students forget their lunch money.

The school district claims it followed policy in firing her. Anyone who has ever been terminated — like Curry — directly violated policy, the district said.


  • Michael

    I think the school district should be held criminally liable for allowing starving children. I say Fire them all and get some new people in there.

    • JuniorSD

      It’s sad that doing the right thing is no longer honorable. I commend the Kitchen Manager for having a heart and for taking the time to care about the children. I wish there were more people like her in this day and age.

    • Gary

      I absolutely agree. We are talking about children who don’t have the means to provide for themselves and depend on their parents. If they loose their money or seem to forget it which is human, why should they starve? For God sakes a slice of cheese and bread? Really? Inmates get taken care of better than these kids. Society has definitely failed our kids. Well done to the kitchen manager to bad she lost her job. I wonder if she can’t find a job and her kids begin to starve will they file criminal charges against her? This Is nonsense….

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