CHP looks for witnesses of alleged road rage crash

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Authorities were looking for witnesses of a crash where a woman is accused of running down a motorcyclist with her car during a fit of road rage in South Bay.

Darla Renee Jackson, 25, was heading north on Interstate 5 in Chula Vista when she got angry with a man riding a red Ducati motorcycle near her Nissan Altima about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The rolling altercation continued as the two passed through National City and merged onto eastbound State Route 54, CHP public affairs Officer Jake Sanchez said.

Near Sweetwater Road, Jackson allegedly rammed the motorcycle from behind and then ran over the 39-year-old rider, identified by friends as Zachary Buob, a chief petty officer in special operations for the U.S. Navy.   Paramedics took Buob to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The reason for the roadway dispute was unclear.

Jackson was booked into Las Colinas women’s jail in Santee on suspicion of murder and was being held without bail pending arraignment scheduled for Tuesday.

Authorities asked any witnesses to the crash or what led up to it to call CHP traffic investigator Brad Clinkscales at 619-220-5492.

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  • This dosn't make sense....

    Sounds like the CHP made an arrest without proof. Why would they have to look for witnesses if they had reason to arrest already?

    • Dave

      Who said they didn’t have cause? They are looking for all witnesses for due process. Read a book and reduce ignorance.

      • Brake check that went wrong.

        Dave what prejudice do you have against this young lady? This lady got her car kicked by a guy on a motorcycle and she was simply trying to get his plate number when he brake checked her….Guess his brakes worked better than hers. Coincidence the guy was military. Guess you would let yourself get victimized…..Liberal hypocrites.

  • John

    Look at the picture of the crash he is on shoulder his bike is on shoulder her bumper and car are on shoulder, just by the lay out of the scene she had to have went into shoulder to hit the bike who most likely was trying to get away from someone who was chasing him down.

  • ramgrafix

    Video exists that shows a black car following the motorcycle at what appears to be just inches behind his back tire I saw it on another website

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