$1M bail set for woman accused of running down motorcyclist

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- A woman accused of running down a motorcyclist with her car during a fit of road rage on a South Bay freeway was ordered held on $1 million bail.

Darla Renee Jackson, 25, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a murder charge and faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted, prosecutors said.

Jackson was heading north on Interstate 5 in Chula Vista when she got angry with a man riding a red Ducati motorcycle near her Nissan Altima about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The rolling altercation continued as the two passed through National City and merged onto eastbound State Route 54, CHP public affairs Officer Jake Sanchez said.

Zach-Buob's-motorcycleNear Sweetwater Road, Jackson allegedly rammed the motorcycle from behind and then ran over the 39-year-old rider, identified by friends as Zacharias Buob, a chief petty officer in special operations for the U.S. Navy.   Paramedics took Buob to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The reason for the roadway dispute was unclear.

Jackson was booked into Las Colinas women's jail in Santee on suspicion of murder and was being held without bail pending arraignment. Authorities asked any witnesses to the crash or what led up to it to call CHP traffic investigator Brad Clinkscales at 619-220-5492.

Jackson is due back in court July 10.

Prior to Tuesday's hearing, about 200 motorcyclists rode in a large group from Denny's parking lot in National City to the Chula Vista courthouse in support of Buob's family.

"Regardless of why the altercation started," said Brittnay Willow, " a car should never be used a murder weapon."

She along with friends, family, fellow shipmates and total strangers made the short ride which turned into a rally outside of court.  Court documents reveal a Jackson had a history of making angry threats. Fox 5 discovered 4 restraining orders against her. Two by former boyfriends, according to a family friend. that cited hundreds of threatening phone calls and text messages, threatening that she would 'kill them an ruin their lives.'



  • yours truely

    FUCKIN FAGG ass bitch!!!!! You deserve everything that’s coming to ur bitch ass!!! #youwillsuffer one way or another!!!!

  • John Wolfe

    Just so you know, the title of Chief Petty Officer should always be capitalized.
    This title was earned by the late officer, pleaee give him his respect.

    • Alex

      Actually no. It should only be capitalized when it comes before the person’s name, not after. This is according to AP Style Guide, which all journalists use- including Navy ones. I should know. I am one. Check the link for a story featured on the Navy’s homepage, written by an active-duty Navy journalist: http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=61968

      • Lance Outerbridge

        Or it should possibly be capitalized in a headline or when typing Zachery the Chief Petty Officer, in which case you are referring directly to “Chief Petty Officer Zachery” ; but not when stating Zachery was a chief petty officer; in any case, with as much respect as possible.

  • Dangerous Bikers!

    You all are full of it. There are no witnesses coming forward to make credible statements about this and it is highly unlikely a family car chased down a sport bike through traffic! More likely than not this guy was doing the wrong thing and cut in front of her or worse yet brake checked the lady. Yes it is terrible someone died but the reality of it is No one saw what happened exactly which is why the CHP is looking for witnesses they don’t have.

    • brandon

      Hey idiot brake checking a car is the last thing any motorcyclist would do. This guy worked right next to us how about you pay attention and put down your cell phone you fucking mouth breather.

    • Lita

      There’s a video of right before the accident. This woman has a history of threatening people with violence and had just gotten her licence back in Jan for driving eradically.

    • Retard....

      The DA would have not arraigned Darla with first degree murder if the CHP didn’t have enough evidence or credible witness. Why would the DA overcharge Darla and risk loosing the case during trial? You should attend the preliminary hearing before making stupid remarks.

    • aj

      If you watch the original phone video you can see her right on top of him . before you spout off you should get all the information first . just a thought

    • mike

      I’ve been run down by a road raging lunitic before. Luckily he was only driving a ford ranger and only ran over my knees. I engaged this psycho when I should have let it go but no matter what he shouldn’t have taken it to that level

    • Tim

      First of all, the damage was to the front of the vehicle that tells me that she was too close for conditions. Second there are no skid marks implying that she didn’t hit the brakes (per video and pictures.) She has multiple citations, bench warrants and restraining orders which go to show her average mental state. So the judge did the correct thing in assigning a huge bail to her. Personally being the proud Father of 4 riders along with myself I’d never want to see my children (mine or anyone else’s) subjected to this persons anger and rage. Personally I’d like to see this person made an example of what would happen if another person chose to lose their temper and take a life.

    • robert

      We are bikers not your next road kill if any one would like to dispute this please feel free to hit me up and WE WILL DISCUSS IT line men do please go f#*ck yourself have a nice day and pray you don’t find a big truck on pms

    • phil rewa

      you are a dummy. What idiot would brake check a car? It’s not hard to catch up with a bike if they are following the sputtered limit you idiot.

  • PapaSmurf

    I normally oppose the death penalty, but as a biker, I could make an exception in this case.

  • Bunch of upset bikers who think they own the road

    Yep, Terrible day when a person dies….worse yet for his family and friends. When people behave stupidly on the road bad things happen.

  • Waffle boy not papasmurf!

    Waffle boy Make up your mind! Take that liberal flip flop double talk somewhere else!

  • Marty Greene

    A reporter in a Navy town ought to know NCO, and should refer to the deceased as a Chief Petty Officer, preceded by Master or Senior, in that is the case.

  • Robert

    She doesn’t deserve life in prison, she should feel the same fear and pain the rider did before they were run down and killed. Put her ass to death.

  • Ren

    For the ppl arguing back n forth .. I’ll just say allow someone their due process before you find them guilty. You weren’t there and surely you thick witted enough to draw your own conclusion independent of what the “media” has to say. If the media has it exactly right I’d love to beat this bitches ass and stuff her in a drain…in pieces. But I’m not her judge no a jury or her peers are and they are going to hear the victims side, her side, and the truth. I hate how our society is soooo quick to follow the media as truth when it’s quite often so much further from

  • Phillip Price

    It doesn’t matter what started the problem thier is nothing the bike or man on the bike could have done while riding in traffic that make vehicular manslaughter ok and any one dumb enough to think you can hit a bike with a car without putting the riders life in serious danger has no business making decisions for themselves or anybody else for that matter

    • Julie Pate

      No, they’re not. This woman has proven herself to be a danger to others, on the road and off. She is where she belongs, and hopefully will stay there.

    • CL4tgp

      Unconstitutional ? 1) Nowhere does the constitution address bail. 2) Do you want her lose in your neighborhood while awaiting trial ?

      • Sean

        Actually that would be incorrect. The 8th Amendment (Part of the Bill of Rights) says, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” So yes the constitution does address bail. That being said I don’t see the bail as out of the ordinary for a crime in which murder was what they are being accused of.

        Also it is irrelevant to the argument of if the fine is excessive or not if I want her loose on the streets or not.

  • BobC

    Road rage on a motorcycle? Not too bright was he? He could have just left the area and it would hAve been done.. from here looks like he was partially to blame. Antagonize her to the point she ran him over.

    • Rockythunderwood

      Yawnnnnn.. Oh hey what if someone intentionally killed ur son or wife because he/she’s being a stupid ass on the road?

  • BobC

    Apparently she’s pissed everyone off here enough that everyone would run her down.. maybe the biker did the same thing to her? Pissed off to the point if acting irrationally..

  • Jordan

    These men go I overseas and fight terrorism and bombings. They face danger every day for a while and then finally get to come home so that some jackass in a Nissan Altima can kill them on a U.S Highway. Good job America. I recently had a friend that got mowed down and killed in Florida by a drink driver after serving 2 tours overseas. This is just terrible.

  • who cares

    Why is it always “Justice for…”? it is much more interesting what makes a murderer not who is one. She is obviously a nutjob, the victim was not.

  • Duane Tkatch Sr

    I hope she get what happens to her. And I hope they give her life with out probation 25 yrs is not enough to take some one life.

  • Joe Mama

    She is obviously as dumb as a rock and is an emotional wreck. That said, something like this was bound to happen. She will rot in hell.

  • Salty Dog

    Rest in peace shipmate. The woman deserves the death penalty if she is found guilty. As for the Fox5 Digital team, you need to invest in a grammar checker or hire an editor. Your writing is horrible!

  • Ghost Rider

    Again with the hypocritical lynch mob comments.

    (Speed+1st digit)x2=stopping distance ft.

    From what I’ve seen thus far. Two people made wrong choices. One had the upper hand however and lost his life for wasting such advantage. May he rest in peace and my condolences to the family. But at the very most. She is guilty of manslaughter but no where near to murder. I am no lawyer but even I could defend myself against that charge base on the limited facts so far known.

    I ride and probably most than others (160-180miles a day).
    If no injury or damage to the bike.
    Middle finger up and roll the wrist.
    If by chance the cage takes chase. Especially in California. I promise you no Altima would have even a dream of keeping up let alone catch me and hit me.
    And I ride a vtx1300. A super bike like mr boub. Well!!!!!

    • phil rewa

      So just break the law or be killed? Very smart. You sir are a dummy. She killed a man intentionally with her car. Because he didn’t out run her doesn’t change the facts.

  • Jim Auriene

    Look at the alligator tears . Aw too fecking bad you bitch . I hope you rot in jail . You think buy the crying in court some one is going to feel sorry for you ? your a worthless POS . My prayers go out to the family of this fallen sailor . Im sure he will be missed his family as well as his shipmates . rest in peace Chief Petty Officer Boub .
    GO NAVY !!!

  • CL4tgp

    Well the psycho snatch finally did kill someone and ruined their life and hers. Try. Convict. Execute. Preferablly all in the same week.

    • who cares

      I wonder what kind of penalty youll come up with when you kill everybody and realize death penalty doesn’t convert potential murderers into innocent people. A situation/process that makes you kill somebody will most likely also make you blind for anything law related. For me boot camps for a couple of years sounds much better.

  • john

    I always love the stupidity when a motorcycle hits a vehicle people ask did the people in the car get hurt. I was watching cops one day and this kid was running from the cops on his bike and the cop block him in he bumped the front of the patrol car trying to get away the cop got out and told him I could have been hurt you hit my patrol car

  • Richard

    Darla Jackson, I hope you rot in prison for the rest of your life. Get used to crying yourself to sleep, your tears mean nothing to the man you murdered.

  • brad

    “Regardless of why the altercation started,” said Brittnay Willow, ” a car should never be used a murder weapon.”

    Really? What do you recommend someone use? What a ridiculous statement….

  • Michael Ellison

    15 years to life is such a short time for someone with her background, she might come out of prison with more rage than ever and kill someone else. A person like this should never be allowed to live in our society.

  • Robert

    I hope she goes to jail for life, no matter he did it didn’t warrant a death penalty. Fuck her bad her little for four-banger. Bike Life !!! Wheels Up !!!!

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