Driver arrested on suspicion of murder in road-rage crash

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SANTEE, Calif. -- A woman was behind bars Friday on suspicion of murder for allegedly running down a motorcyclist with her car during a fit of road rage on a South Bay freeway.

Darla Renee Jackson, 25, was heading north on Interstate 5 in Chula Vista when she got angry with an active duty Navy service member riding a red Ducati two-wheeler near her Nissan Altima about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The rolling altercation continued as the two passed through National City and merged onto eastbound State Route 54, CHP public affairs Officer Jake Sanchez said.

Just west of the Highland Avenue off-ramp, Jackson allegedly rammed the motorcycle from behind and then ran over the 39-year-old rider.

The victim's name was withheld pending family notification.

The reason for the roadway dispute was unclear.

Jackson was booked into Las Colinas women's jail in Santee and was being held without bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Jackson's mother, Margie, disputes the allegations. She says her daughter, who is 24 and the mother of a three year old, is being wrongly accused.

"The motorcycle was trying to cut through some cars and for whatever reason he kicked the side of my daughter's car," said Margie, who did not provide a last name.

Margie went on to say her daughter took off after the motorcycle to get the driver to pull over.

"She went on to follow him trying to get information for the insurance and what have you," said Margie.

Authorities asked any witnesses to the crash or what led up to it to call CHP traffic investigator Brad Clinkscales at 619-220-5492.

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  • JuniorSD

    Not sure if this incident was due to splitting lanes but people need to know it is LEGAL in CA. Share the road and let the riders pass by. Sad way for one of our servicemen to go. Being killed by a person who he goes to work for everyday to defend their freedom and keep them free in the greatest country in the world. I don’t wish death on anyone but may she be prosecuted for this heinous crime that has been commited. God bless our country and the service men & women who give their lives to protect us.

      • JuniorSD

        Agreed….anyone who takes another person’s life out of anger or just straight evilness, is murder.

      • deletedaccount

        There isn’t any evidence of any intent to kill and it wouldn’t meet the qualifications for premeditation. So even if there were evidence of intent to injure this wouldn’t be murder but manslaughter.

        • Joe

          Witnesses said she pushed the bike 300 feet before he fell off and she ran him over.
          That’s murder in my book.

    • Nobody

      Actually it just isn’t expressly made illegal, but it is not possible to lane split lawfully. And its a stupid, risky practice that most states ban.

      • toby

        Another ignorant, non-rider, who is uninformed, therefore dangerous. NEWS FLASH, if a law hasn’t been written, making something expressly ILLEGAL, then by proxy, it IS LEGAL! What is NOT LEGAL, because there are actual LAWS AGAINST IT, is to try to cut off a motorcycle off or impede them from lane splitting. I’d say the fact that there are laws against impeding a motorcycle from lane splitting is pretty good evidence, that in the eyes of the law it is perfectly legal. It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT!!!

        • Storyville

          How do you know that comment is from a “non-rider” Toby? Just an assumption because they disagree with this “law”? Yes, the law is legal but, that doesn’t necessarily make it “right”’s a stupid law imo and adds to an already dangerous, congested situation. Let’s face it, many (not all) motorcyclists have an entitled attitude and are not defensive (although I’ve witnessed very responsible, considerate female motorcyclists that take less risks) as a driver in a motor vehicle I’m still extremely defensive. As a driver my head is constantly on a swivel but that “revving” when they drive by (not just as a warning but as an arrogant directive) shoots the adrenaline level sky high and anyway you look at it..that pisses off drivers!! This “incident” appears to have happened in the “heat of passion” and wouldn’t qualify as murder but, manslaughter.

      • Dyna

        Not only is lane splitting legal in California other states are currently reviewing their laws and considering legalizing it. A couple of other reasons riders split lanes.1-many bikes have air cooled engines which will overheat in hot weather without air moving across the fins. 2- you are more likely to be rear ended if you are stopped in traffic or at the end while stopped at a light.
        There are recommended guidelines for safe line splitting. It is illegal to open your door or turn your car into a rider. A rider can be cited for reckless driving. The same as anyone driving a car irresponsibility.

    • Brake check that went wrong.

      It is very hard to believe that this lady chased down a sport bike in peak traffic. Really. More likely the motorcyclist was trying to make a point and kicked her car to which she was trying to get his plate number to file a report when he brake checked her. Motorcyclists need to follow the law and not lane split when it is dangerous and not act like fools n 2 wheels!

  • JSpicoli

    Can we have a picture of the POS who did this please? Her age qualifies her as an adult, not her actions.

  • CL4tgp

    Sorry, lady, yes she is the type of person who would do something like that and yes she did something like that. Your daughter is a stone cold killer and we hope she is locked up until they carry her out in a box.

  • Mac2.o

    Mom is in denial. Witness has phone video of her chasing him, and told the police that she side-swipe the guy on the motorcycle three times before she managed to knock him down and run over him.

  • James Lee

    The man riding the bike was rear ended. So, she either rear ended him on PURPOSE or was busy texting or putting on makeup while driving and rear ended him.

    The Kicking the door excuse is complete BS. you can’t kick a car while in motion, because you’ll fall right off the bike. If he did kick it, he wasn’t a powerful kick.

    Stupid mother making up excuses. You kill someone by rearing ending him with your car, you go to jail. No excuses.

  • Justice for Zach

    She is the DEVIL!!! her heart is black full of evil and anger. Judge need to sentence her now with no opportunity to look at any human being or see the light, she is a killer!!
    Looks like she has so many issues and problems with any person who knew her she was involved in a car accident when someone lost her life back on 2009, she also made false allegations against some guy who rap Mitchi Slip in San Francisco accusing him of kidnapping, everyone talk about how evil is she.
    This is not a joke she kill a person she run him over after she hit the bike, SHE IS THE DEVIL the judge really need to look at everything all the witnesses and everyone who was able to hold her down at the crime scene so she doesn’t leave, she is not a human being or animal she is the DEVIL with black heart, please judge sentence her now don’t give her the opportunity to talk.
    murder!!!!! Killer!! !!

    Rest in Peace Zach now you looking over your sisters and brothers family and everyone who loves you

  • Bri

    He kicked the car so what, be an adult and let it go.
    The mother needs a reality check too, because she saying its the biker fault for kicking the car that justifies killing someone.

    • Paul Solk

      Court documents reveal a Jackson had a history of making angry threats. Fox 5 discovered 4 restraining orders against her. Two by former boyfriends, according to a family friend. that cited hundreds of threatening phone calls and text messages, threatening that she would ‘kill them an ruin their lives.’

  • Dray

    What a jackass!! That’s the problem right there, the MOTHER!!! How the hell are you going to know what your 25 year old adult daughter would and wouldn’t do in a situation like that? You’re not her! You’re her mother! The only thing you know is you raised that piece of crap with no discipline, probably let her do whatever she wants growing up and when she didnt get her way let her throw a temper tantrum. Well now she’s an adult and still doing the same thing when she doesn’t get her way “throws a temper tantrum” and kills someone! Just from hearing the mom on that brief segment, it sounds like she has the attitude of a mother that her daughter could do nothing wrong even if she was caught red handed! Mom should have stopped cradling her daughter long time ago and maybe then, just maybe she might have been mature enough to not do something so stupid and take someone else’s life but not only that a service member! I have no respect for that jackass!

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