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Another Disney movie inspired by one of their rides. I want to take bets on which is next – Mr. Toads Wild Ride or the tea cup ride. I had the same feeling watching this movie as the first time I experienced the Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland – I wanted to vomit.

Disney’s latest live-action film is rated PG and the only ones that will like it are all under the age of 12. It makes it a little more perplexing as to why they have scenes like a child being run over by a truck.

The topic of saving the Earth can be done in an entertaining fashion. I’ve mentioned loving the movie Oh God before. They did it, with a message about the environment that didn’t come across as preachy as this anti-war, goof ball message did.

Frank Walker (George Clooney) plays a recluse that was once a child genius/inventor. Casey Newton (Britt Robertson of The Longest Ride) is the teenager who meets him and wants to know about a pin she has from the 1964 World’s Fair. When she touches it, it transports her to a futuristic world.

When Frank was a boy, he showed up at the fair with a homemade jet-pack that didn’t quite work. Hugh Laurie (House) is rude to him, and we realize he’ll be the villain. He has to be. He has that evil British accent.

Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille, The Iron Giant) has tackled live features before. He’s won a couple Oscars. Yet he disappointed us with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This is now his second feature that hasn’t worked. There are tonal and narrative shifts that the film just can’t recover from.

The movie has another problem. It’s void of humor, and has no sense of fun. Even the visuals are nothing all that interesting (aside from the swimming pools that hover in the sky).

The few times I almost cracked a smile, was seeing Keegan-Michael Key from Key and Peele, as a dreadlocked comic book store owner.

The choir score and various strings were also rather annoying. At least we had one scene where we got to hear The Black Keys as Casey rides her motorcycle to a NASA launch station.

This movie made me wish that Magic Mountain would start making movies instead of the Magic Kingdom.

This thing was a complete mess.

It gets 1 star out of 5.


  • bob pearl

    frist off I am so glad that i just don’t have the morbid skills to be a true critic , as i can watch a movie enjoy it or not like it and not pick i apart to somehow be sorry i went there in the first place cuz except for a few like unfriended, i can handle any and all especially when just like the critic i see if for free which i am grateful and before the public and in most cases sitting in our little non vip section that is left as they get seats right away and don’t have to wait in line like we do,and they are always guaranteed a seat but if not for them the studios wouldn’t usually lets us see them early. ok so for tomorrowland I kind of liked the idea of going in between the 64 worlds fair to the future. I didn’t have the delorean car but this was even faster. It was a different idea and after all its nice to have more than one type of movie, right? Clooney not his best but at least he wasn’t out in space like in gravity. It really wasn’t that well put together with a really good plot but it was ok to watch just for a change of pace. at least we all got a coin to keep. id give it a two and i was glad to read, Josh liked Oh God as I was backstage for the Dinah Shore show when i think i was about 28 and met George Burns and John Denver in the green room at CBS when they were there about the movie so i was impressed and loved them both.
    Ok can’t really say much more but go ahead and see it but buy a lots of popcorn to fill up the time,lol I

  • Gus

    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was taken from the Wind in the Willows which was base on a book by Kenneth Grahame who was born in 1859. Just sayin….do your research first.

    • Josh Board

      Hey Gus, let me give you a quick education on what it’s like to write in a humorous way. For that line to work, I wanted to name two Disney rides. I thought the tea cups would work, since it segued into the “vomit” line nicely. Second, I wanted a ride that sounded funny. If I said “People Mover” or “Matterhorn” … doesn’t sound funny, does it? If I say “Haunted house” it could confuse people, since there have been “haunted house” films. Yet Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride…sounds funny. I was well aware of the previous piece that inspired the name of the ride, but that didn’t matter for the joke to work. The reason: if Disney wanted to do a movie based on that ride, they could. And it would be called “Mr Toads Wild Ride,” not Wind in the Willow. Disney would rather cross promote. So again, not a matter of whether or not I did research, but whether or not you understand humorous writing. That being said, why would you even take the time to comment, and not even say whether or not you agreed with my review of the movie or not? Seems like an awful lot of trouble for a mere “correction” on source material.

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