Parents warned that 13 sex offenders live near elementary school

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CHULA VISTA -- Parents in one Chula Vista neighborhood say they fear for their children’s safety after learning registered sex offenders are living near their elementary school.

“I have no words, no words --  very scary,” said a mother of two who called FOX 5 after getting a letter sent to parents telling them 13 registered sex offenders are living near or within walking distance of Feaster Charter School on Flower Street.

The woman said she fears for her own safety for going public with the information and asked FOX 5 to hide her identity.

“Now my little one says, 'Mommy it’s scary to go to school,'” she said.

According to the Megan’s Law website, which allows the public to search for registered sex offenders in their neighborhood, one of the 13 offenders has faced child pornography charges in the past and lives just down the street from the school.

“I’m just shocked, because they didn’t tell us earlier,” she said.

Registered sex offenders have recently gotten some leeway as to where they can live. In March, a Supreme Court ruling lifted some of their residency restrictions, ruling unconstitutional a portion of a voter-approved law prohibiting sex offenders from living near schools and parks. Since then, many have been allowed to move near a school if they can prove their need for housing.

"We are very upset with the effects of this law," said Anthony Millican, Spokesperson for the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

"We are working with the Chula Vista Police Department to see what are our options," said Millican.

A workshop to inform parents about the changes in the registered sex offender law and how school officials plan to deal with the situation will be held at the school Friday morning.


  • Jewels

    Not to mention the “Smoke Shop” next to Feaster Elementary and down the street is an “Eye Candy-Strip Bar” very very sad.

    • Robert Curtis

      Ever consider the facts about Registered sex offenders? Like how their recidivism rates are only 1.8% and that could be because prison is different kind of place for them so their motivation not to go back there is quite high. So that being said after probation, therapy and time served these people aren’t the pervs we all make them out to be. TRUTH

    • Mntnbiker818

      Pull your head out and stop buying into the lamestream media-inspired hysteria about false bogeymen. These kids are in greater danger from their own teachers, coaches, scout leaders, coaches, preachers and parents than these registrants. People are waking up to the incredible injustice of the sex offender registry and you should, too.

      Honest to Christ, how is it that a child murderer can get out after 20 years and enjoy a new, anonymous life, but the 18 year old with a 17 year old girlfriend is publicly branded a rapist pedophile for life?
      There’s something seriously wrong with this picture, people.

  • Bryan

    They need to set up a Neighborhood Citizen Patrol. There has to be some community involvement. The kids belong to the Neighborhood and the Neighborhood needs to protect them. The police cannot be everywhere and I do not want them everywhere. But we’re going to have to do some of our own patrolling to keep the street safe.

    • Ruby

      Naaahh… way too much trouble and inconvenience. Let’s just make statements about bullets to the head or rusty clippers. Cuts a lot less time out of watching American Idol or The Kardashians.

    • Mntnbiker818

      What a moronic statement. If you were that concerned you would have been on the Megan’s Law website and alerted the world to these lurking monsters years ago. Instead, like the government you let your knee-jerk emotions control your fingers on that keyboard.
      “They need to set up a Neighborhood Citizen Patrol…” Who is “they?” If you feel so strongly, why don’t YOU organize that patrol? What will you look for on your rounds and what will you do when you see it? Well…?

  • Jeremy

    The child wouldn’t be scared to go to school if the parent didn’t inject her fears and worries into the child. I don’t think that offenders should live near schools, but parents can be vigilant without scaring their children.

  • countryiscool

    supreme court ruling allows this? Is there an attorney reading this? someone has to challenge and expose who on the supreme court did this injustice!!!

    • Mjk

      The Supreme Court upholds the constitution. Statistically, most sexual abuses are enacted by their own parent, sibling, family friend, relative, teacher or other persons who have frequent interaction with children. Less than 2% on the registry will commit a new crime. Some 95% of sex crimes are committed by someone NOT on the registry. So, how effective is the registry? Kids are statistically less safe at home, in school, at church, at relatives houses and with their friends than on their walk to or from school.

    • Mntnbiker818

      Well, what are you waiting for, countryiscool? Get your book learnin’ on, get a law degree and launch your legal assault on the Supreme Court. How DARE they uphold the Constitution! ?

  • Priscilla

    Ex convicts, and felons should also register. As much as I would want to know if their are rapist in my community, I would also like to know if there are murderers on my side of the neighborhood. The only people who shouldnt have to register are those who were arrested or convicted of a non violent crime.

    • Ruby

      Right you are! I never understood why a guy who had a 16 year old girlfriend 30 years ago but a guy who beat his girlfriend to death does not. I guess s3x sells… and the sheeple willingly buy it.
      I disagree about your suggestion of those who are convicted of non-violent offenses not having to register. I should know if the waiter who takes my credit card has a conviction for fraud. I have the right to know if the plumber who is in my home has a conviction for burglary. Register’em all or none.

    • Mjk

      We must be precise and clear. Not all felons committed violent crimes. Not all on the registry committed violent crime. Those who drive under the influence are far more dangerous and more likely to reoffend, but they’re not on any registry. How’s my children are killed by drunk drivers each year in comparison to the number of kids victimized by “stranger danger?”

  • Angelica

    I feel it’s wrong that sexual offenders can just live wherever near schools where it’s so easy to snatch up our kids and take photos of our children they should make a community for them to live at because that would protect our children from them

    • TheTruth101

      Actually, statistics show that those offenders are not likely to harm the children going to school. Also, did you check out the circumstances of their conviction? Stranger danger, while I hesitate to call it a myth, is extremely rare. Be vigilant, but not paranoid.

  • Ruby

    It must be sweeps month. Lord knows nothing produces clicks like ‘sex offender’ and ‘schools’. When was the last time one of these people has abused a random child for no other reason that the child was near a school? The chances of a child being abused INSIDE a school are I don’t know how much greater. Come to think of it, your child being abused INSIDE your own home by someone you know and trust are even greater. The chance that your child’s abuser – should it happen – is already in your family photo album or around your Thanksgiving table is astronomically greater.

  • Yvette Kaplinsky

    All you hysterical commenters should educate yourselves. Children have a 94% greater likelihood of being molested by someone who is NOT on the registry…most likely a family member. Stranger danger is the least of your worries. Look out for Uncle Joe instead.

    • alain smithee

      Or guys like my unfaithful ex-wife’s live in boyfriend.
      My daughter woke up to find him standing at the foot of her bed staring at her the night she graduated from high school.

      She moved out the next morning, but my ex-wife still demands that my daughter apologize to the live-in boyfriend for “hurting his feelings”.

      My frustration is that my ex-wife knew about his behavior and didn’t protect our kids, but our family court judge wouldn’t give me custody because in the family court judges words, “children belong with the mother”.

      And this family court judge wonders why I will be helping their opponent during the next judicial election.

      • Ruby

        Staring is (not yet) a sex crime. Even if there was illegal conduct – keeping in mind that this is about people living near a school – your story only reinforces that
        – sex crimes occur in the home (vitim or offender, or both)
        – sex crimes are perpetrated by persons without prior convictions
        – sex crimes are committed by family and friends and other persons of trust.
        Over 90% in all three categories. They are NOT committed by a stranger registrant because they reside near a school.

  • Guy D.

    How nice it is to see our hard earned tax money being well spent to allow sex offenders to live happily among us. Only in America.

    • TheTruth101

      Actually, that makes us more like the rest of the world. After a quick search on Google, I’m pretty sure that the U.S. is the only country that restricts where sex offenders can live. Hmmmm

    • Ruby

      Exactly how is any of your tax money being spent here? And the CA Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to “allow” anyone’s choice of residence. Even these people have the right to freely choose their residence. As you have the right to move or enroll your kids in a different school. Because this is America.

    • Mntnbiker818

      Since when is staring a crime? The real crime was you and your wife not keeping it together for your kids. Your cheating wife (too bad you could not satisfy her) displays poor judgement on so many levels. Your daughter was victimized, but not by the live-in boyfriend.
      Kudos on your awesome example of a healthy marriage for your kids.

    • Mntnbiker818

      How are your hard earned tax dollars being used to allow sex offenders happily wherever they want? Care to qualify that a little bit?

      What a lame comment.

  • Wake up

    These school kids will have greater chance of being run over by their parents at school than these registrants harming them.

  • jememe

    These have to be the dumbest people alive. I am pretty sure every school in America has sex offenders living nearby. And at the grocery store. And Walmart, and fast food joint, etc. So, these 13 have prior convictions for stalking and abducting kids near a school? Not likely. More sensationalism foisted by the press. Mommy, I am afraid to read the paper now

  • MichaelRS

    What a Chicken Little reaction.
    And a parent said they were shocked that they weren’t told before? Hello, if it mattered that much to you, why didn’t YOU check the Megan’s Law web site?
    But apparently that these RSOs have each been living there for X amount of time, and bother no one, does not figure into their calculations.
    People, review the court’s ruling in the recent San Diego case. You will find that one of several FACTS that the court found, based on actual EVUDENCE, is that where a sex offender lives has little or nothing to do where he offends.
    And one little kid said that it was now scary to go to school? Gee I wonder where he or she got that idea from?
    Well, considering the number of teachers that have been in the news lately, arrested for sexually abusing their students, I guess I don’t blame little Johnny or Mary for being afraid to go to school.
    Which brings us to the undisputed FACT (stats compiled by the state and federal depart of justices) that OVER 90% of all child molestations are commented by someone the child knows and trusts. Yes, including mommy or daddy.
    There is a 90%+ chance that if a child in Chula Vista were to be molested it would be by a family member, either immediate or extended family,
    a close family friend
    or a trusted member of the community such as a teacher, clergy member, coach, tutor even a city councilman or police officer or fire fighter.
    You don’t have to believe me, just Google those titles and child porn or molestation and see what results your get.
    And of those 13 RSOs near CV schools, of the one who’s offense involved children (there are many reasons one can be on the registry and not all involve assaulting children…or anyone for that matter) I am sure that was who there victims were = a child who was a family member or was entrusted to the molester.
    Stranger kidnapping and sexually assaults on children are very rare. Again, don’t believe me. Check with the sate and federal Departments of Justice.
    That is unless you are the type of person who does not let the FACTS get in the way of your feelings or opinions on a matter.

  • mike

    Your children are more likely to BECOME sex offenders doing something stupid than to be victimized by a registered sex offender doing something malicious. 19 to 1 is the odds on that. I don’t understand how upholding the Constitution and not presuming people guilty of crimes not committed yet and passing punishments…excuse me…regulations decades after they have served their sentences is seen as unAmerican. I suppose concentration camps are the only things that will keep us safe from this danger…

  • S

    I wonder of the thirteen how many have school aged children attending schools as are all of the other children? Be very, very careful about the goal this article, its all hatred and harmful. The thirteen may have there for years.

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