Coronado residents call for new street lights after fatal accident

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CORONADO, Calif. -- Coronado residents are furious about another accident at the intersection of 4th Street and B Avenue that killed an elderly man trying to cross the street.

The fatal accident comes on the heels of a catastrophic brain injury suffered by a teenager last year. The teen was riding his bike across the street when he was hit at the same place.

Residents called city officials to discuss new safety regulations, but city officials say there is nothing they can do for at least 3 years because of red tape.

The highest-ranking city official that showed up was an assistant city manager, but he declined to comment.

Residents are split over the issue, though many have wanted a traffic light for a while.

“Guess they would rather have people killed and kids with serious brain injuries, like my son who has three titanium plates in his brain, than have their property values decline,” said Quelene Slatterly, a resident of Coronado.

Other neighbors complain they do not want their quiet streets invaded a new wave of cars.

“Everywhere there is traffic there are accidents and I don’t know why there is a new push in Coronado to do this,” said Coronado resident Fern Nelson.

The next city meeting is scheduled for June 2.


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