Scaled-down version of One Paseo project gets community support

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SAN DIEGO – An agreement on a scaled-down version of One Paseo project in Carmel Valley was made between the developer of the One Paseo project and three community groups Thursday.

The reworked project will reduce the amount of office and retail space and add more housing, according to the developer Kilroy Realty Corp.'s spokeswoman Rachel Laing.  The compromise will end the lawsuit challenging the highly contested mixed-use project.

"The new project will deliver amenities to the north San Diego neighborhood while reducing the traffic and visual impacts that caused concern within the community," Laing said.

The scaled-down version will reduce the amount of anticipated traffic by half, according to Laing. The traffic generated by the new project will be substantially less than that of the project the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board recommended in 2014.

The settlement prevents additional litigation by all parties to the agreement, allowing permit processing on the revised One Paseo to move forward.  According to the agreement, the three community groups have pledged not to oppose a future version of One Paseo that adheres to specific parameters.

A representative for Kilroy Realty Corp. is expected to address City Council Thursday to ask them to rescind the original proposal.  Then, they'll return to City Council with the future version, which will need to undergo additional review by the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, the Planning Commission and City Council before receiving approval, in accordance with local planning guidelines.

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  • liam

    So is this project going to fall within the current legal maximum housing density or is the city going to make an exception?

  • David Carnevale

    THIS DOES NOT HAVE COMMUNITY SUPPORT. The headlines on this story are “clickbait” …

    Kilroy will “reduce” the total by less than 20% and say they have complied. They need to reduce the total by 70% to get back to the 400,000 sq. ft. in the plan!

  • E

    Why do these people want to develop this area. There is already plenty of shopping nearby and there are already way to many homes that have been CRAMMED in. Leave what’s left of the natural habitat alone!!!

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