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Rally against proposed mandatory vaccines flops

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SAN DIEGO - A local rally to protest California's controversial SB277, which would make vaccines mandatory for all school students drew little support Thursday.

A rally led by the grassroots organization for medical freedom, Our Kids, Our Choice on Front Street in downtown San Diego was attended by two people.  Although, other demonstrations were held at California Assembly Member district offices in Van Nuys and Santa Rosa to protest the bill.

If passed, the bill would end personal exemptions from immunizations. Unless given permission from a doctor, all children would be required to get immunizations before starting kindergarten in both public and private schools according to a schedule established by the U.S. government.

California law currently gives parents the option to opt out of vaccinating their children for personal and religious reasons, not just medical ones. Overall, the state’s measles vaccination rate of about 91% is just slightly below the CDC’s ideal coverage of 92 to 94 percent.

SB 277 aimed at lifting these lagging vaccination rates and preventing another outbreak.


  • bepatienz

    I hope the legislature and the governor will eliminate the “I saw something scary on the internet” vaccine exemption.

    • SDmom

      Actually, many of us who oppose this bill are of the “I EXPERIENCED something really scary crowd”. In other words, many of us have children who had serious adverse reactions to a vaccine. I don’t understand why people don’t get that. How would you feel if your government was trying to tell you that you had to get a medical procedure which had already harmed you (or face the “consequences”)?

    • Angela

      There are many scientists and Dr’s that have done studies, not paid by pharmaceutical companies, that don’t just believe, but know that vaccines are harmful to your health.

  • Jill

    This bill, SB277 doesn’t just make the current vaccine schedule mandatory. Any vaccine can be added at any time without a even a vote by the legislator. Do you support a mandatory annual flu shot? a mandatory HPV shot? the Cuban developed lung cancer vaccine? or any of the other over 200 vaccines in development? are you ready to mandate all of them?

    • Rachel

      Actually, as the bill is currently drafted, parents can opt out of any vaccinations that the Department of Public Health might add to the schedule. Although personally, if there are new vaccines that would protect my child from infectious disease I would want to take advantage of them. But the supposed threat of “mandating” “over 200 vaccines” is false.

      • Chris Martin

        Actually Rachel, You’re wrong. I am protesting against this bill in CA. And I’ve read it. Read #11.

  • Alisha

    One rally with low attendance really isn’t newsworthy, nor is it a flop!! Seriously, is that all you have to report….? If so, I’d be more than happy to lead you in the direction of some real stories to report on. This rally does not represent anything with regard to how a majority of California’s parents feel – opposing SB277’s nazi mandates. And a big thank you to the 2 who did show their opposition by rallying today. At least they are standing up for children who are damaged, killed or put in harms way by pharma’s polluted injections and government’s lack of concern or responsibility. At least they have conviction to stand by what’s right and the “balls” to speak out against something that most people are either too scared to talk about or too uneducated, misinformed or just plain have no clue vs the medical industry folks who are bought and paid for to push the vaccines (very few doctors stand by the AMA’s actual policy of informed consent). They’d rather be paid by pharma so they say “vaccinate or leave my practice” because they don’t give a shit about the actual health of the child…
    Very few, if any, actually sit down and consult parents with the vaccine insert in hand and explain the harmful side affects. Gee, why not? Maybe more parents will become more informed and less parents will vaccinate and pharma & doctors will lose more profit!???????

    Don’t waste our time with pathetic stories like this…..try spending some effort reporting something of value like the reason we all are protesting the bill. Why dont you be unbiased and show the other side of the issue or have you too been censored??? Why not do some interviews with parents of vaccine injured children who’s lives are financially and emotionally devastated by vaccines. If or check out some statistics on VAERS or NVIC?

  • Sf

    1000+ rallied in Sacramento against the bill vs. 50 in support. There have been dozens more demonstrations throughout the state, including one last week at the democratic convention that drew over 300…. And you report this???

    • James

      San DIegans are too busy working and far to spread out to have rallys. Anyways rallys have no affect unless the crowd turns violent.

  • SaraB

    Um, so what? There have been dozens of rallies against this horrible bill, and people likely aren’t wanting to spread themselves too thin. The most significant was at the recent Democratic Convention in Anaheim, which drew two celebrities, one ex-pharmaceutical rep, and over 1000 supporters. But we’re not going to hear about the rallies that *don’t* “flop,” are we? Other Californians too busy paying travel expenses and arranging time off to get to Sacramento every time this bill has a hearing and/or vote. With 700-1000 SB277 opponents packing the capitol building at historic levels, I think we can safely say that opposition to this bill is far from a “flop.”

    Now all of the legislators who ignored this overwhelming majority and voted to represent their own interests instead? Definitely a flop.

    And just for the record, California’s vaccination rates all meet or exceed the CDC’s Healthy People 2020 goals.

  • Erin T

    Just so everyone is well aware, this is shoddy reporting, at best. The supposed “rally” was proposed and not supported by the various groups in opposition. It was not meant to happen in any way, shape, or form and as such, only two people missed the memo. Get your facts straight and stop the spin, Fox 5.

  • elnura1

    1700 people doesn’t sound like a flop.

    “the state’s measles vaccination rate of about 91% is just slightly below the CDC’s ideal coverage of 92 to 94 percent
    The reason the measles cases have increased is because of the increase in the vaccines given.

    “Measles shed for up to 21 days.” The interesting thing about the Measles Vaccine-it was not developed to prevent a child from catching measles. It was developed to have enough of the virus in their system to prevent them from developing encephalopathy-which was a problem that the FIRST measles vaccine created when it mutated in 1963. The Killed Measles Vaccine mutated and caused a new strain of measles called Atypical Measles or AMS. That’s the strain that causes pneumonia, fevers as high as 106, which can lead to brain swelling and meningitis and this is what the CDC was trying to prevent. The mutated vaccine that the government helped create was causing severe problem which is why it was abandoned. What’s more important for people to stop believing is if a child has the vaccine they won’t get measles. Following vaccination with a “live virus”: The following is a quote from the CDC’s measles chapter of the “Pink Book”:
    Adverse reactions following measles vaccine (except allergic reactions) represent replication of measles vaccine virus with subsequent mild illness. These events occur 5–12 days post vaccination and only in persons who are susceptible to infection (that’s everyone vaccinated-my note). There is no evidence of increased risk of adverse reactions following MMR vaccination in persons who are already immune to the diseases (that’s people born before 1980 according to the CDC). Fever is the most common adverse reaction following MMR vaccination. Although measles, rubella, and mumps vaccines may cause fever after vaccination, the measles component of MMR vaccine is most often associated with this adverse reaction. After MMR vaccination, 5%–15% of susceptible persons develop a temperature of 103 F (39.4 C) or higher, usually occurring 7–12 days after vaccination and generally lasting 1–2 days. Most persons with fever are otherwise asymptomatic (they are also contagious).
    Fever is a response to a present contaminant. The measles virus is in your body & trying to fight it off. Measles- and rubella-containing vaccines, including MMR or MMRV may cause a transient rash. Rashes, usually appearing 7–10 days after MMR or measles vaccination, have been reported in approximately 5% of vaccinees. Measles chapter of the “Pink Book” states
    it is EXPECTED that 48% of people-children & adults will develop measles after they are vaccinated within 21-28 days. It happens often yet Doctors are told by the CDC that even though the labs return confirming measles-it’s not “really” measles. Doctors put their own spin on what they tell the parent what the lab reported. Nurses say Doctors report it to insurance company & put in the medical records “viral syndrome, NOS.” Next time you see your Peds ask them about this. When pediatricians see kids with the exact same symptoms, labs and history, they would diagnose the un-vaccinated kids with the apparent disease, e.g. “measles,” but the vaccinated would be diagnosed as “viral syndrome, NOS.” So you have 48% the CDC stated is EXPECTED to develop Measles after the show so these people are contagious and the remaining 52% are also contagious. They are asymptomatic, BUT still harbor the live virus in their system and are CONTAGIOUS for the same time frame. They shed Live Viruses in their saliva, urine. feces, blood and can infect anyone. Just like if they became infected with wild measles-they are contagious. Here are a couple of p

  • clarkvent

    Wow, such shoddy ‘reporting’ but then, that’s to be expected from a complicit media that is a dependent of drug company advertising money. To all of you who love to bully people into vaccinations at any cost: There will be a cost, and not the one you think.

    Public schools will lose taxpayer support over coercive medical policies. (People are voting against a levy right now in Oregon because of this fight to deny public education to the children of parents who don’t buy the vaccine hype. People are switching political parties too.)

    The real issue is trust, and the fact that so many people do not trust a system in bed with the drug companies would, one hopes, help you snap out of your trance and realize that you are being pHARMed for profit and power by a liability free vaccine industry that sees you as a revenue stream. You can line up all the comedians and magicians you like, but their acceptance of and repetition of industry talking points does not make a cogent case for mandatory immunization.

    The science on vaccines, contrary to what you’re being told by the press (which says whatever its told to say by its #1 advertiser, DRUG COMPANIES) is NOT settled. Vaccines are NOT safe for all, and the long lines of parents with vaccine injured children testifying against this bill should have revealed this to you. Vaccines are not very effective (partial and temporary at best, and no idiot light to tell you when the immunity is worn off). Herd immunity is a theory not a fact, and makes no real sense here because schools are not closed systems. Might doesn’t make right (using government power to force one parent to risk their child so you don’t have to risk yours); the end doesn’t justify the means (coercive legislation drives people underground, rips families and communities into shreds and lowers participation in these immunization programs that you love so much.) In other words, your position is utterly unsupportable by rational people and utterly self defeating if you care about herd immunity.

    But you’re not alone in wanting to force your will on others, just like we’ve had infection since the beginning of time, we’ve had frightened people incapable of clear thinking who bully others to bolster themselves in the presence of their own self doubts. You know who else thinks might makes right and the end justifies the means? Criminal enterprises, like the MAFIA, so you who would so eagerly trade freedom for fear have that to comfort you. So sad that so many Americans have lost (or perhaps never actually had) the ability to think clearly and critically in the face of a bought and paid for legislature and a complicit press, and are willing to trade hard earned freedoms for protection from their fears. Heartbreaking. Damaging. And downright dumb.

    But I guess ignorance is bliss and doing what you’re told matters most to those who love freedom the least.

    Last point: Isn’t it interesting that the demographic of vaccine resistors and dissenters is that they tend to be educated people of means who actually investigated claims made about vaccines and arrived at their informed opinion honestly? Example: Los Alamos, NM, one of the highest per capita scientific communities in America, also has the highest rate of vaccine dissenters in NM?

    • Alisha

      Very well said!!! It’d be nice to hear some feedback from WALTER MORRIS” the reporter of this story to discuss his rationalization for writing this piece of turd story. The last reporter I responded to in Texas was at least considerate enough to write me personally. I want to know how he thinks this story is news-worthy!!!!

  • Celeba

    There have been huge rallies regarding this bill all thoughout this bill. Unfortunately truth in reporting was lost a long time ago. Wake up world and see what’s happening!

  • werewolfe

    FOX 5 Must be getting plenty of ad revenue from pharma. They don’t want to upset any bread and butter accounts…

  • J Dub

    The one thing this bill has showing me is that fox news IS NOT fair and balanced. They have proven themselves to be bought and paid for by big pharma. I used to keep my TV on fox news channel 90% of the time. Now I hardly turn it on at all due to the vaccine propaganda they preach. 70% of advertising money the msm makes is from big pharma and apparantly FOX is no different. I always thought FOX would stand up for the constitution. Boy was I wrong.

  • Chris Martin

    You forgot to mention it takes away RELIGIOUS exemptions as well as philosophical. Medical tyranny.

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