Midnight drone worries Del Mar residents

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DEL MAR, Calif . -- A mysterious drone has been lighting up the midnight sky in Del Mar for the past few weeks, prompting some residents to worry about their privacy.

“I just look out my window and there it is, flying like a ball of fire right at me,” said resident Eunjee Viscardi .

The drone has been seen by dozens of people, but for weeks no one knew who was the pilot or why the drone was flying in the middle of the night.

“This is my plane. It’s not a spy plane. There’s nothing to worry about," drone pilot Loyd Moon told FOX 5. "I work the graveyard shift at this restaurant, and you know, I just like flying this.”

According to the San Diego County Sheriffs Department, there is nothing on the books that makes it illegal to fly a drone, but new regulations are expected soon.

In this case, the drone in question is not equipped with a camera, so the fears of someone peeping into windows have been put to rest, but many residents fear this is just the beginning.


  • Thiago da Silva

    Stupid rich people worried about a guy’s hobby! WHY IS THIS EVEN NEWS FOX 5? WHhhhhhhhyyyyyy! This is like reporting about a cat stuck on a tree! Do SOME BETTER REPORTING PLEASE!

  • Jimbo

    I agree!! People need something better to do then complain about stupid things. How do these people make money to live in Delmar when they don’t even know what is a decent complaint or not. Its harmless get a life!!!!

  • Rubes

    I strongly disagree with everyone who think this is about nothing. It is just the beginning of a problem this is going to get worse. RC plane or drone, it’s about safety, privacy, noise, cluttering up the sky, etc. And wait until law enforcement gets into the act. Any aerial device should be highly regulated as to location, time, and circumstance.

    • urbanradiocontrol

      Pro Tip: No Hobbyist-grade camera will see in darkness. RC airplanes have been around since the 40’s, and popular since the 70’s.

      Night flying is nothing new. Go find a hobbyshop and get educated.

    • Wade Scott

      Yup! Let’s bring the CA way to full fruition…
      Work hard and/or run a business and pay heavy taxes. Go home each evening and eat some sprouts, smoke some weed while watching MSNBC and then go to bed. Rinse & Repeat! A liberals dream come true. Free cash from a passive populace with nothing else to do.

    • Will Anderson

      If your worried about safety and the young people then maybe you should worry about the increasing drug use in this country that nothing is being done about. Then once the 13 and 14 year old kids aren’t getting heroin for the first time. Then we start worrying about freaking RC planes, which is not a quad copter, which also isn’t a drone.

    • Jimbo

      I fly a DJI Quadcopter and at times I would like to try to capture migrating humpback whales and dolphins that frequent the coastline. But have to take off from the beach and always worried about some one complaining its flying over the beach to get there to get the footage also it will be at a low point in the day and hardly anyone as far as people on the beach.

  • azfederalist

    Would someone please explain to the reporter that this is not a “drone”, but is a radio controlled aircraft? A drone is autonomous with only waypoints programmed in.

    • Wade Scott

      I did that some time ago, but they will not correct or respond.
      It would take 3 minutes or so to do a Google to determine and then perhaps another 5 or 10 minutes to call several officers from local AMA clubs to verify. No big deal, anyone can do it except for journalists. Nah, they know they have a false story, but they also know they have national clickbait. Which is more important to journalists in today’s sophisticated world, honesty or clicks?

  • azfederalist

    … and all of ya’ll wanting more control of this kind of thing. Do you really want the government involved in even more things? There are other ways to solve problems than “there oughtta be a law”

  • Jason

    It’s not a drone! It’s a god dam rc helicopter. A drone, or uav, can be programmed to follow out predetermined commands. Some can even dial back home after reaching a specific location identified by gps.

    Is my rc car identified as a drone? if I put a camera on it does it become a drone?

  • Sand

    Holy crap it’s a “remote controlled airplane” not a “drone” FFS. Who would want to peep a 65 year old Asian grandmother anyway and why would they use an extremely brightly lit and obvious as hell vehicle to do it? Would everyone in California like to please calf the EFF down already? You’re not that important.

  • Doug

    LOL OMG a drone a drone… it might have a camera, it might be spying. HEY, every single person interviewed has a BETTER camera on their phone and is ABLE to hold it still where as when a drone, OR in this case A GLIDER PLANE (get your facts right before getting your 10 seconds of fame with scare tactics) is up in the air it can’t zoom into people’s windows, if it is flying like this one obviously was especially at night details are a blur at best. Learn about what you are reporting on, give real facts instead of just scaring people that obviously do NOT know about the technology. Reporters SHOULD investigate, or do you not do that anymore? Just use blatant scare tactics to freak out the public even more about a wonderful hobby that has been around for years and years.

  • Reed

    People have been flying there planes along those cliffs since they were invented. This guy just adapted to his work schedule. Chillax San Diego, that’s what you do, right?

  • Jeremy

    THIS IS NOT A DRONE! This is a normal RC sailplane. no camera, no gps, no autopilot, not a drone.

  • Steven

    “Drone”, the medias catch all description for anything from a kids balsa wood airplane launched with a rubber band to a multimillion dollar high tech, high altitude autonomous aircraft. Terrible choice of words in all cases but even Webster has bought into it.

  • ET

    Glad he told the truth and maned up to flying this drone. I’ll admit it would alarm me if a drone was flying near my house.

  • John Campbell

    Just great. So now model planes and model rocketry is the next piece of Americana to be sacrificed at the alter of mindless paranoia.

    • Charles

      Soon all hobbies will be classified as potential ” Terrorist Activities” resulting in your immediate incarceration.

  • Deadmeat99

    I think some of these local news stations publish ridiculous “drone” stories just in the hopes that they get picked up on Drudge. Another harmless RC hobby toy gets hyped into an eeeeevil flying spy machine and Drudge just can’t resist.

    • Required

      Drudge? What does he have to do with this? Can you read the caption at the top of this Fox web site It says “Drone”. Never let reality get in the way of spewing Democrat talking points.

  • Stee Jans

    So even though their own investigation determined there wasn’t even a camera on the craft, Fox News still put the tag line on the screen “Drone Peeing Into Home Windows?”…….WTF ? Why do so many Americans watch Fox News ? Is there a demographic in the US that needs to be misled on everything ? Are you that gullible ?

    • Wade Scott

      Hey, Stee Jans, this is not FOX News, this is FOX5 news, an affiliate. FOX News is strictly cable. There’s no association. Why so many get it wrong is beyond me, but if you make Google your friend, you’ll figure it out.
      That aside, I agree with you. It is an absurd story.

  • Wade Scott

    Are you kidding? Is this news station serious? Are the people interviewed serious? Absurd!!!
    New technology? Huh? What? Guess I moved out of SoCal just in time…(An attorney states that this is new tech?)
    An electric sailplane is now a drone? I flew them for years in CA, flew them in competition all over the state, including the San Diego area. Flew them at night in the S.F. Valley. Never a big deal. Folks came out to watch and ask questions.
    I’ve had far more serious R/C sailplanes back in the early ’80s…Hand launch, winch launch, motors…Bigger, faster and w/far more controls. Guess there’s no point to even bringing up the R/C helicopters I flew there and still fly today in WA state.
    Wow! Has it come to this, has it come to a complete and total dumb-down? Geez, even the Spektrum DX5 TX isn’t new. I’ve got one collecting dust for 3 years now.
    Welcome to the new world of journalism. (And by the way, as a coincidence, I was a journalist for both newspaper & radio during my CA days.)

  • Dan Bortolan

    A drone would be a remote controled device – usually a multi-rotor or plane that can transmits a video to a screen of some sort to allow controlling of the device beyond the line of sight. He wasnt using a drone.

  • Wade Scott

    I’ve sent my complaint to the station and if you are an R/C hobbyist, an AMA member, I highly recommend that you email the station to point out the error and ask for a correction. Be nice! For me, it is all about protecting our hobby as it has been coming under fire for too many things that really are not associated with our hobby. Journalism has entered the shoddy era so the best you can do is gently correct and see if that works.

  • sam club

    A person can buy one of these at Sam’s Club, idiots. All of a sudden people from California care about the laws.

  • Annabel

    He works the night shift and plays with planes. Glad I’m not paying him to work for me! And they want minimum wage increased?

  • Charles

    Why do so many childish sheeple call the police without just cause? What has happened to reduce the US population to such fearful quivering jellyfish?

  • Jacob

    People are now afraid of an invasion of privacy? Lol, a little too late for that. There are people actually freaking out about this, considering it an invasion of privacy. It is the drones you won’t see that you’ll need to worry about. I swear, some people really shouldn’t voice their opinions.

  • william penn

    Bill Clinton invited to Chelsea’s wedding a woman who collected naked pictures of underage girls for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to choose from. Bill flew multiple times on a plane dubbed, “The Lolita Express” to a place called “Orgy Island,” where Epstein kept young women as sex slaves. Democrats want him and his wife back in the White House — no concern.

    Guy flies a glider as a hobby — huge concern.

  • Matt

    That is not a drone.
    A radio controlled aircraft flown for pleasure and not equipped with information gathering tech=an rc plane.

    Camera, wifi, microphone, gps capability on and rc plane or helicopter=a drone.

  • Joe B

    When did RC aircraft become drones? Night flying has been around for decades. I myself have flown RC planes at night which is perfectly legal. There is no pending regulation “in the works” that would limit people flying current RC aircraft. The pending regulation is for COMMERCIAL use of UAVs.

  • ExSophus

    Are you kidding me? “New Technology”?

    Radio Controlled planes (R/C planes) have been flown for DECADES by hobbyists for fun and challenge (building and flying).

    This is ALARMISM pandering to fear of the “unknown”.

    Existing laws already address EVERY aspect of this sport (R/C flying) in most cities, including the use of them for spying/peeping..Federal laws regulate their use around aiports and other institutions, how high they can fly, how far they can fly from the operator, and more.

  • mariotorez (@mariotorez1)

    The fat ugly chinese lady and the fat pile of zhht guy in the interview don’t need to worry nobody wants to peek at their fat azzes.

    The guy “working the graveyard” apparently isn’t working very hard.

  • StupidShouldHurt

    Why is it that the same people worrying so much about some guy flying a remote controlled airplane seem to have no problem with the NSA scarfing up their phone records?

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