Trolley parked in front yard amuses some, upsets others

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SANTEE, Calif. -- A Santee family’s front yard is at the center of a neighborhood controversy because of what's parked on it.

“Some have come in for a tour,” said Susie Parks as she showed FOX 5 the vintage trolley car parked on her front lawn.  She and her family recently bought from a collector.

“We just bought it this last weekend,” said Parks.

They hope to refurbish it and turn it into a mobile coffee shop.

Some neighbors are amused by the massive lawn ornament, but others say it is an eyesore.

“Pissed, I was pissed," said neighbor Mary Grant. "The city sent me a nasty letter about some stupid little [expletive] bushes on the other side of my fence and threatened me. And now they can have that in their front yard? No!”

Grant and other neighbors think the trolley is also a traffic hazard, blocking the view for those driving around the curve.

“I called the city and complained,” said Grant.

Santee city officials told FOX 5 they are looking into the issue but weren’t sure if the trolley is a violation since it is parked on private property. Either way, Parks says the trolley won’t be here very long.

“We’ll have it on display at the Santee Fair this Saturday,” she said.


  • Candy

    I live down the street from this guy and it is a huge eye sore. It’s already bad enough his boat is parked on the side of his yard, now this. It’s a great neighborhood and this guy is acting like we live in El Cajon.

    • mike e

      So Santee is better than El Cajon..? Unless you pay his mortgage and property taxes… Shut it

      • Candy

        Yes, have you not driven through El Cajon? His idiocracy effects the value of our homes….so no I won’t shut it.

        • Jason bader

          Effects the value of your home, that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, sounds like u belong in El Cajon with all the other scum, who invited you to santee

          • Bruce

            some people need mind their own business. Especially people that think Santee vs El Cajon is a huge difference LoL

        • Vee

          So exactly why is Santee better than El Cajon? Get off your high horse lady. A place in Granite Hills or Rancho San Diego has Santee beat any day. Both parts of El Cajon.

  • Jason bader

    Wow this is a piece of history and if it bothers you than u need to grow up, it is on private property and is far from an eye sore, people’s front lawns are dead, trees need trimming, houses need painting, old beat up cars leaking oil on streets and people are gonna complain about this? Worry about yourself and not others. I hope they leave it there for as long as possible just to upset the cry babies.

  • Eddy

    Is it just me or does anyone else wanna slap that stupid fat bitch, i can’t stand people like her.

  • Hannah Grace

    Unfortunately, this is an eyesore and does affect the property values of surrounding houses. It is also a traffic hazard in that people slowing down out of curiosity are not looking for the child that might be running into the street, the bicyclist who is happily pedaling home, or the pedestrian who is standing on the sidewalk angrily staring at these noncompliant home owners. City code states that vehicles not be parked on the grass in Santee. There are actually two violations (the boat and the trolley). These people apparently don’t care what their actions cost the other home owners in the area. I have spent all $3,000.00 to destroy and replace my property to be water compliant in this drought. I had to abide by the city codes. Why don’t they? Also, if you were looking to purchase a home would you want to be looking a this lawn ornament every day. I seriously doubt it will be removed any time soon. Look at how long the grass is around the trolley. If they can’t be motivated enough to mow what little grass there is, what makes you think that they will do anything about the ornament sitting in the front yard. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas lights still hanging on the house, the hedges that are growing over the sidewalk or the garbage that is laying in the driveway. Rant over.

  • nina

    It’s a piece of history! Haters relax, it’s his property. Unless your name is on his title then complain away. It’s not any worst than a motor home parked around, or local business parking their trucks around their neighbors.

  • JC

    According to the Santee code compliance codes, this is a violation. Our city does not comply with their own codes.

    • Hannah Grace

      JC – in answer to your query – Apparently not. They only harass those homeowners who have abatements on busy city streets. They don’t go “looking for violations, but when they see one they will cite the offender.

  • Chequette

    I love it, my daughter and I drove by it the other day and I jokingly said let me stop and ask if they make a stop at parkway plaza lol.

  • The Vias

    Okay, let’s be realistic. I live in this neighborhood. Saying that ” many” or “most” are upset is a fabrication. Most of us realise that it’s temporary and don’t care. They literally have owned the trolley for a week. Next, instead of talking to the owners, she decides to go to a TV station. And lastly, she has complained about every neighbor around her.

  • Carl

    Sounds like Mary Grant has her panties in a bunch. She needs to get over with it. The people are going to make a unique business out of it.

  • Emily

    Gosh, to those of you who are complaining… Do have anything better to do?

    It’s an item on his property. Not yours. Get over it, it’s going to be a business.. Businesses take time to operate.

    As for Mary, shut up.. It’s very stupid to complain to a news instead of being a grown woman and asking about the “eye sore” … Grow the hell up, attention seeker.

  • James

    who cares? it was bought at an auction…..really, is it that news worthy? A family made famous by negative news, wooohooo, I enjoy the news, but making an issue about a trolley car, someone thought was cool, purchased, not stolen, someone else complaining about how it looks on someone elses property…..And that’s why Nosy neighbors should keep to themselves. Report on crime, abuse or Family court and Parental Alienation, but please keep out of other peoples purchases…. You may just be jealous it’s not yours.

  • jtmkinsd

    Neighbors…pfft. “I got a nasty letter from the city and they don’t?” That says it all…some people are just incapable of growing up.

  • phee

    Here’s the thing: I’ll wager none of you complainers bothered to talk to the owner about this. If you would have, you would have found its location was temporary. It’s now parked behind their business. These business owners are very involved in the community, and I think a little tolerance should be learned by their neighbors. And, for what it’s worth, this ridiculous news bite has rallied their fans and friends, and has become a great piece of publicity. Epic fail on your part, complainers.

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