Chargers, Raiders secure land deal in Carson

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SAN DIEGO - One day after San Diego officials unveiled a financial plan aimed at keeping the Chargers in town, the Chargers and Oakland Raiders have completed a land transaction in Carson.

The complex land deal for the proposed stadium shared by the Chargers and Raiders in Carson closed Tuesday morning after months of closed-door negotiations, Los Angeles Times reported.

The deed for 157 acres adjacent to the 405 freeway transferred from Carson Marketplace, which had previously planned to build a mixed-use development on the site, to a joint powers authority controlled by Carson.

Eleven acres transferred, as well, from Carson Marketplace to Carson Holdings, a newly-created company jointly owned by the Chargers and Raiders.

Mark Fabiani, point man on stadium issues for the Chargers, declined to release the purchase price for the 11 acres. Fabiani said that Carson would retain control of the 157 acres if the $1.7-billion stadium isn’t built.

Earlier this month, Carson authorized $50.5 million in bonds to finish the cleanup of the former landfill site.

Fabiani said that California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control has consented to the land transfer.

On Monday, an advisory group appointed by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer unveiled a proposed $1.4 billion financing plan for a 65,000-seat stadium for the Chargers near the team's existing home at Qualcomm Stadium.

Fabiani said Monday the team would review the financial plan.

Backers of the Carson stadium collected thousands of signatures to get the stadium proposal directly before the City Council, bypassing the need to complete extensive environmental reviews.

A similar tactic was employed in Inglewood, where the City Council voted unanimously Feb. 24 to approve an initiative allowing for construction of an 80,000-seat stadium planned by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke at the former Hollywood Park racetrack site. Although Kroenke is behind the project, the Rams have not announced any intention of moving back to the Los Angeles area.

An NFL team has not played in the Los Angeles area since 1994, when the Raiders and Rams relocated.

According to a Carson staff report, the 157-acre site -- located on a former landfill -- is in the Boulevards at the South Bay Specific Plan area, which calls for a mix of commercial, retail, hotel and housing projects. The council's vote last month essentially created a "stadium overlay,'' which allows the stadium as an alternative use of the property.

The report also notes that the Boulevards plan "has already undergone a significant amount of detailed land use, planning and environmental analysis, and a certified Environmental Impact Report for the Specific Plan was adopted by the city in 2006.''

Despite city approval of the plans, the project was never developed due to the recession, according to the report.

In addition to the stadium, the latest project would also include a 350- room hotel, 850,000 square feet of commercial, entertainment and other uses, and a minimum of 10,000 parking spaces.

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  • scott

    If you leave after we have given you what you wanted you will loose almost all of your fan base and LA won’t support you over the raiders. It will be one of the all time dumb moves of sports franchise history.

  • Omar Castro

    I’m curious…what exactly did we give them? The Chargers have been activiely pursuing a new stadium Deal FOR OVER 15 YEARS!! And now that they actually do something about, all of a sudden the City of San Diego is scrambling to put something together. Truth of the matter is, not enough support of football in San Diego. Other cities wouldn’t even think twice about supporting the team and assisting them in building a stadium. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.

  • ET

    Almost all L.A. gangs are diehard Raider fans. And they’re also have extreme hate for Charger fans. So now you want to send innocent Charger fans to Carson(which is right next to “Compton” and “East L.a.” Which is gang land USA. Crips and Bloods were created in Compton and Carson.

    • Hustle mac

      Etc I’m a die hard chargers fan…… chargers fans r far from inoccent. ….San diego is polluted with games as well….. don’t let that b the excuse. …everybody supporting the guy who made songs to keep the Chargers in San Diego he’s a well-known neighborhood crip just saying stop the b*******…….most charger fans are charger fans because of San Diego because there San Diego in San heart to be honest with you if Chargers were no longer San Diego Chargers wouldn’t get support from their fans they would basically have no fans being stuck in an enemy’s territory…. So don’t blame everything on gang culture it’s easy to blame something you don’t understand

  • JackBurton

    Good. Time for the Chargers to move, not worth a nickel to keep them when the city has so many other problems to solve.

      • Hustle mac

        O….u shut up bitch…..that’s not the point….why put that type of drama 2 gether when u can avoid it…..Guess…u a Carson resident. ….it’s a trap 2 get money by all means….from sports from violence ….if ya for having biger issues. ….4 $$$….u a bitch. …this wloud is just a big bizzness. ….fucc the pllz right! Gtfoh

        • O

          Shut your bitch made ass too, little punk. I’m from SD. If you don’t want a stadium in San Diego, move your punk ass to Carson, because we’re getting this bitch built here, nothing in Carson, perfect place for your ghetto ass.

          • Hustle mac

            First off wired-o ….who the fucc said thay wanted a a stadium builT out San Diego…. learn 2 read bitch….it’s all bout money…u ain’t from diego… bitch…ya my proud ghetto ass grew up on 42st and market…Real san diego….

        • O

          Learn to read??? Learn to write. I can’t understand your ghetto writing. I know people from 42nd (not 42st by the way) and Market that know how to write who I can clearly understand. State your position, do you want a stadium built in San Diego or not?

          • Hustle mac

            ,of course I want to Stadium in the town….all I was saying was its a set up they want us to go to the same stadium fight each other they can charge all of us and arrest us on both sides and they make money on criminal charges and sports it’s all about money that’s what I was saying you decided to put your two cents in and tell me to shut up

          • O

            I see what you’re saying. A stadium in Carson with Chargers and Raiders fans, rivals, might promote fights and other unlawful conduct that law enforcement would benefit from financially through fines, etc. I hear ya’. I’m a Chargers fan and when we have played the Raiders at the Q, I’ve had peaceful, friendly and respectful conversations with many Raiders fans. It’s the hoodlums who act up. I wouldn’t expect too many at the games, especially if ticket prices soar past what they might be able to afford.

          • Hustle mac

            yep that’s all I was saying it’s a setup and it’s not just the hoodlums or the gang members who start the fights I’ve seen a lot of the fights on there just normal people what it is is alcohol

  • Hustle mac

    Wtf….rapme on is it smart 2 put them 2 teams 2 gether….smh….all the fights violence even death….between the Raiders and chargers….. it’s a win win for Carson……more money for stadium and events…. More violence and crime to charge people with for putting these two teams together looks like they’re going to get their money on… On the other hand its a setup for the Chargers and Raiders fans you’re walking right into the battlefield where they want you at… SMH…..Trap football

  • David Long

    Talk about a smack in the face, getting kicked and down, getting kicked even more and being spat upon is exactly what the management of the Chargers is doing to San Diegans.

    • O

      It’s all a ploy by the Chargers to put themselves in a position of power with negotiations with San Diego around the corner. These tactics are all fair game, but I hope the city negotiators don’t start playing these same games. Maybe San Diego ought to put an expiration date on CSAG’s proposal, or reach out to the NFL requesting an expansion team, as long as we keep the Chargers name here. I can care less about the Spanos regime.

  • Marti

    Let them go! They have no loyalty to the San Diego fans. They haven’t played well for a long time and they went behind everyone’s back. They don’t want to be here!

  • Anthony Dimock

    Everybody in San Diego needs to remember we have a huge ace in the hole. SAN DIEGO!!!!! I mean come on people… after living here would you want to live in LA? If you answer yes to that question your state of mind is not good and you deserve to go.

  • Tony Dimock

    Everybody in San Diego needs to remember we have a huge ace in the hole. SAN DIEGO!!!!! I mean come on people… after living here would you want to live in LA? If you answer yes to that question your state of mind is not good and you deserve to go.

  • David Long

    Chargers upper level management stabbed us San Diegans in the back when they announced the finalization of the Carson deal. Monday’s announcement of the stadium proposal turned out to be a slap in the face for San Diegans when the announcement about the Carson deal broke yesterday. The Chargers really don’t care about us fans in San Diego at all.

    • sean

      When they go to LA they’ll be rebranded. The name chargers will be no more. They should let them leave. Build a soccer stadium downtown that will take up no where near as much space and only be around $100 million. And people will actually go to games unlike the San Diego Blackouts.

  • David Long

    The only beneficiaries in team relocation and new stadiums are the extremely wealthy who can afford PSL’s and cruelly high ticket prices. This entire situation is all about $.

  • David Long

    This whole situation is a lose-lose situation for San Diego football fans, who are now the ugly little stepchildren.

  • Christina

    Scott, I will still be a fan. Its easy to blame the Chargers on leaving, when basically they were forced to look elsewhere. Politicians think waiting and putting people and projects like these on the back burner is okay until the reality of it all is staring them in the face. Its simple….if they wanted it done for the Chargers, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE 13 YRS AGO!!!!! Now they are scared because of all the revenue they will be loosing…..and I spend time in L.A…..they may be out of there element alittle bit up there, but once they start winning and going to playoffs, L.A. will be on board. Then once the profits start coming in for the Chargers, they can bring on really good players….lots to think about on this one.

  • James

    Why in the world would the city give a billionaire 242M so he can create a new building for his business? Going to Carson is better for Charger’s fans. Then they’ll be able to watch it on TV. There won’t even be any blackouts.

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