Extreme climber Dean Potter dies in Yosemite stunt

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American free climber Dean Potter looks on after walking a 41-meter-long and two-centimeter-wide slackline over Enshi Grand Canyon at an altitude of 1,800m on April 22, 2012 in China. (Getty Images)

YOSEMITE, Calif. – Extreme athlete Dean Potter and another man were found dead Sunday in Yosemite National Park after an apparent BASE jumping accident, park officials said.

Potter and fellow BASE jumper Graham Hunt were jumping from Taft Point above Yosemite Valley Saturday night, park spokeman Scott Gediman said.

The pair’s spotter alerted park officials around 9 p.m. after they did not respond to radio calls or arrive at their preset meeting point.

A search-and-rescue mission started early Sunday morning, with up to 100 people, including park rangers and volunteers surveying the park for the missing men.

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