Over 80 rescued rabbits need loving homes

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SAN DIEGO — The 83 neglected rabbits taken in by the San Diego Humane Society last week will be available for adoption beginning Friday and through the weekend.

The Humane Society said it received the animals after someone purchased a rabbit farm in Riverside County and discovered that the bunnies were living in filthy, antiquated cages without proper medical care.

Gary Weitzman, president of the Humane Society, said veterinarians were able to treat all the rabbits’ health issues. Some had tumors, dental problems, overgrown claws, skin sores, hair loss and respiratory illnesses. A few were missing ears or toes.

“Our priority has been to get them the care needed as quickly as possible so we can get them into homes,” Weitzman said. “They were living in terrible conditions — it’s time for them to be in homes where they can have a family to love and spoil them.”

He said the rabbits are “docile, gentle and sweet” despite what they’ve been through.

The rabbits will be adopted on a first-come, first-served basis at Humane Society facilities in San Diego, 5500 Gaines St.; Escondido, 3450 E. Valley Parkway; and Oceanside, 572 Airport Road.

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  • Not our problem PETA and SPCA needs to house them!

    Let PETA and the SPCA take them in! They complained they need to walk the walk and take them in! Don’t try and pull heart strings for overzealous stupidity on their parts! They are farm animals not pets!

  • Robin Eberle Campbell

    rabbits take a lot of care and should never be left outside…house rabbits can be litter box trained like a cat and learn very fast…..rabbits outside dont live very long..inside rabbits live over 10 years…don’t get a bunny unless you are ready to really care for it….they are much more work than a dog or cat…I have 3 rabbits and will be looking for another to bond with my one that has no bonded partner…he was just neutered so in 4 weeks I will take him to pick out his friend…I will let him pick him or her…not us…

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