Oceanside worried for Camp Pendleton Marines missing in Nepal

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Like most days, Marines from Camp Pendleton strolled the streets of Oceanside shopping, picking up dry cleaning or grabbing a bite.

And even though most didn’t want to talk about it, the on-going search in Nepal for the missing helicopter and its Camp Pendleton based crew weighed heavily on their minds.

One woman, Kelly Waters, said she is anxious and worries for the crew. Waters told Fox 5 she knows the family of one of the missing Marines.

“It’s really heartbreaking for them… I hope for their sake he comes home safe along with everybody else,” said Waters.

Six Marines and two Nepalese guides have been unaccounted for since Tuesday when their helicopter disappeared while flying food and supplies to quake victims in Nepal.

“An airplane or helicopter that crashes won’t look like a plane or helicopter anymore, it’s a lot of little pieces,” said Rich Martindell, an aviation expert.

Martindell says the search is hindered because unlike the United States, radar in Nepal is very limited. And he says the terrain, with a lot hills and valleys, would make it hard for signals from the helicopter or the crew to be picked up.

“If the crew made it through the landing, they can survive in the elements for days,” said Martindell who expects the search to continue until the military figures out the fate of the missing crew.