Amber Dubois’ mom joins search for missing couple

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VALLEY VIEW, Calif. - The mother of a murdered teen Amber Dubois has joined the search for a couple that failed to show up to a Mother’s Day celebration following a trip to Valley View Casino Sunday.

Cecil “Paul” Knutson, 79, and 67-year-old Dianna Bedwell were expected at their son’s Riverside home Sunday, but never made it.

Other than video from a surveillance camera showed them leaving Valley View casino, search efforts have failed to turn up any trace of their whereabouts.

On Thursday, teams of orange-clad volunteers known as "Team Amber" organized a volunteer search center at Ridgeview Church in Valley Center. The team is led by Amber's mom Carrie McGonigle and plans on combing remote areas of Valley – rain or shine.

“We’re already mapping out certain areas," said McGonigle. "They need to be found. They’re an elderly couple and their family misses them tremendously."

McGonigle's 14-year-old daughter was abducted and killed in February of 2009.  Since her daughter’s death, McGonigle formed Team Amber to help families find their missing loved ones.

"We’re setting up all the paperwork, getting flyers together and hoping that [Friday] at 9:30 a.m. when we open we’ll have some people willing to help search for the family," McGonigle said.  "You have to keep up hope and never give up."

If you’d like to volunteer you can meet teams at the Ridgeview Church on Wohlford Road in Valley Center or contact Julie at 760-703-4307.

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  • Cam M McGrath

    I so wish I could help search also, but I am not able to walk well…however, my feeling is with all the stories I have read, they most likely went up the #15 turned right on #79 toward Indio and La Quinta. follow to #371. That road is very treachourous and windy hills.This is what my gut tells me and I hope you are looking that way over the cliffs. So sad but that is my feeling for there travel route.Prayers go out to the family also. Cam McGrath

    • Lynn Merker

      have they been found? absolutely nothing updated since Friday. I swear they were at the same hotel I was and checked out the same day I did Thursday

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