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Maserati stolen from La Jolla dealership found downtown

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SAN DIEGO – An $85,000 Maserati that was stolen from a dealership in La Jolla late last month was found parked in downtown San Diego.

The luxury sports car was taken from Maserati of San Diego on April 30. Employees told FOX 5 that a man walked into the showroom, grabbed a set of keys that had been left on a counter, got into the brand new Maserati and drove off. The car was found on Friday, according to employees.

It was not immediately known if the car had suffered any damage or if anyone has been arrested for the robbery.

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  • Joseph Ciruzzi

    All this News reporting about flash floods and the raging river through mission valley with millions of gallons of water running off into the Ocean.But not ONE word about why this water is not being reclaimed and contained in a water treatment facility to be recycled in drinking water for San Diego.This process should have been started over fifty years ago or longer.Think about how many rainy seasons have gone by and how many billions of gallons of water could have been captured for the people of San Diego.But the politicians would rather spend money on recycling sewer waste water to give to the people of San Diego.This concept should be implemented to all of Southern California with the billions of gallons of run off wasted rain water from both Northern and Southern California.

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