Big drop in Americans who call themselves Christian, study finds

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. has become significantly less Christian in the last eight years as the share of American adults who espouse no systematic religious belief increased sharply, a major new study found.

For what is likely the first time in U.S. history – certainly the first since the early days of the country – the actual number of American Christians has declined. Christianity, however,  remains by far the nation’s dominant religious tradition, according to the new report by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.

The rapid increase in the number of adults without ties to traditional religious institutions has strong implications for other social institutions and for politics.

Whether a person attends religious services regularly is among the strongest predictors of how he or she will vote, with traditional religion strongly tied to the Republican Party, at least among white Americans.

The decline in traditional religious belief adds to the demographic challenges facing the GOP, which already faces difficulties because of its reliance on white voters in a country that has grown more racially diverse.

The interaction between religion and politics may work both ways. Some scholars believe that close ties between traditional religion and conservatism, particularly on issues such as same-sex marriage, have led many younger Americans to cut their ties with organized religion.

Almost 1 in 5 American adults were raised in a religious tradition but are now unaffiliated, the study found. By contrast, only 4% have moved in the other direction.

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  • Gary

    Just another HUGE propaganda lie by the liberal media who have no clue what they are talking. These pollsters and the media will do whatever they can to sway the public into their anti-Christian agenda.

    Well, the jokes on them. At a date & time of his choosing when Jesus Christ returns all of you, alive or dead, who have chosen to turn your backs and heart against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will be crying out for forgiveness when he returns. To you he will say, away from me you sinless evildoers.

    Here’s the great news, for those of us who have repented of our sins and put our hope, faith, and trust in our Savior, he will say well done good and faithful servant, join me in paradise.

    Regardless of what the liberal and gay community has to say or believes, they will spend eternity in the lake of fire and torment while Christians will be in the presence of God, forever!!

    Don’t lose hope christian brothers & sisters, we win!!!!!

      • Gary

        This is definitely a real comment and if you would pickup and read the best selling book ever written, the bible, you would understand what I’m talking about. My guess is you won’t but that’s okay. Ignorance is bliss!!!!!

      • Gary


        Matthew 7:13 says
        “The road to hell is wide and many choose that way, but the gate to Heaven is narrow and difficult and only a few find it.” Take a honest look at your life and ask yourself, am I on the road to Heaven or am I on permanent, everlasting journey to separation from God for eternity. Death is not the end, it’s the beginning.

        Want to know the truth? Pickup a New Translation Bible (NLT) and read it for yourself. The answers to every problem in your life and society can be found in the scriptures. God Bless and I’m praying for YOU!!!!!!!

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