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American Idol: Who do you think should have gone home?

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  • ML Watson

    Scott Borchetta should have gone home. His manipulation was nauseating. Weekly interviews with print mags were worked to his advantage to pan or praise those he wanted to win. He doesn’t know music, he knows music marketing, and it showed as the contestants didn’t improve.

    Nick was one of my favorites from day one and I wanted him to win, but I was sick watching Borchetta take down Clark. That man is evil and he ruined the show.

  • strix1

    I agree, Clark should have gone home. Also, they should have let Jax perform the songs she rehearsed ALL WEEK then let her go before they opened the voting. I love her single, “Forcefield” it was a loss to not be able to see Jax perform it. Congrats Nick!

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