TV movie tells story of local teen’s kidnapping

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SAN DIEGO - Hannah Anderson was kidnapped after cheer practice, after her mother and brother were murdered. Now her story is a TV movie that will soon premiere on Lifetime.

In August of 2013, the then 16-year-old Anderson was allegedly abducted by family friend, James Dimaggio, and held captive for 6 days.

Nearly two years later, Lifetime announced it was coming out with a movie titled "Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story."

The news was an unwelcome surprise to Anderson's grandparents.

"You would think that they would have contacted the family... and it's just a heartbreaking to see that it keeps on going," Anderson's grandmother, Sara Britt, said.

Britt said her grand daughter and the family found out about the film Monday, May 11. She said they were never made aware a film was being made on the teenager's experience.

"We heard about it [Monday morning.] Hannah texted me from school. She was upset. The kids had been talking the movie... and she wanted to know if I knew anything about it, and of course not," Britt said.

Britt said her grand daughter is an honor roll student and scheduled to graduate from El Capitan High School this year.

"I just tell [Hannah] to be strong and positive like she is and just carry on and ignore what's going on an move ahead," Britt said.

The movie premiers on the cable network later this month.



  • Ron

    Why? This little pos lying biatch isnt worth our time!!! Nothing she says holds water, and she wasnt kidnapped!!!
    It was BS from the beginning.

  • Steph T

    Unfortunately, there are people out there that think Hannah had something to do with this.
    I am one of I think many people. I don’t think she is as innocent as she says!

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Hannah never went to cheer practice. That was a ruse. This movie will be full of the BS story that was fed to us about this being a kidnapping, when really she and her boyfriend took a road trip to the River, after disposing of the mother (brother and dog) who would have tried to stop them.

    • Jackie B

      I agree — she wasn’t there. No has ever validated that she was ever there including the detectives who “investigated” her alleged “kidnapping.”

  • Just Me

    I don’t believe that Hannah and her family didn’t know the movie was being made. That’s a bunch of BS. Everything about this so-called kidnapping is BS. This girl had everything to do with the murder of her brother and mom and is getting away with it. The LE on this case sucks. She will snap again and hopefully she won’t get away with it, she is a sociopath and I am sure it has shown itself in ways even before she killed them.

  • Fred From Oregon

    Listen to yourselves. You commenters are truly a pathetic and delusional lot. Let me guess…no on global warming and evolution, as well?

  • iamthewalrus

    I would love to see the texts between “Uncle” Jim and Hannah. Who’s DNA was on the used condom they found in his house? What did the letters say that they found between Jim and Hannah. Hannah is her own worst enemy. She posts pics dressed way too provocative. The nails, short shorts, belly ring. Stop with the slutty clothes. Now she’s got pics of the boyfriend all over her. This girl does everything she wants. Glad she’s in the news again. Somebody needs to look into this girl. I think she was involved. Now he’s dead and we may never know what this girl has done.

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