Residents willing to pay for parking relief near Southwestern College

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -  Residents tell us they’re so fed up and are willing to pay a fee in their own neighborhood just to be able to park near their own homes. They say they’ve been so overwhelmed by student vehicles they can’t even have guests let alone park in front of their own homes.

“They overlap driveways, they do parking they park on the corners whether they’re red or not you can’t park on corners.” Said College Estates resident Bob Muff.

Muff has lived at his home on Xavier Avenue in Chula Vista for 30 years. He says parking on the streets in front of his and his neighbors’ homes has become a nightmare.

“Guests, there’s no place for guests to park at anytime, weekends are fine but it’s the Monday through Friday and it starts about 730 and they have night classes and that goes on until 8oclock 830 at night when the cars are still parked here. “ said Muff.

He says it’s a problem that’s been going on for years, and now he says fed up residents of College Estates are waiting on a city petition to sign to get a preferred parking ordinance on their streets.

A preferential parking district would require residents to purchase up to four parking permits with a possible cost of $20 each, allowing residents and their guests exclusive parking in the district.

“I’m totally supportive. We have most of the residents out here who are supporting that position because we’d like to get our streets back.” Muff said.

A student-parking pass at southwestern college costs $40 per semester. Southwestern College spokesperson Lillian Leopold says the college has tried to alleviate the parking problem for residents for years. She says if a preferential parking district is put in place. The college will patrol the area and enforce the ordinance.

“It is a city street and we understand the impact and that’s why the college is willing to continue to patrol that area at a cost to the college not to the city.” Said Leopold.

As For Bob he says despite the $20 cost to homeowners, he says most residents think the cost is

The City of Chula Vista was not able to speak to FOX 5 on camera but did say it is creating a petition and drafting a parking ordinance.

If it is to move forward the city will be in charge of signage and striping and the preferential parking distict could be in place by the start of next year.



  • Fed Up!

    It’ll be a cold day in h__l before I pay to park on my residential street! If this has been going on for this long, and cars are being allowed to park on “red” fire zones, it’s clear the City of CV and the CVPD aren’t doing what they’re paid to do.
    Here’s an idea, call in 10 tow trucks, and tow away some cars. Then that $40 the students have to pay for a whole semester of parking is going to look like a really, really great deal compared to a $60 tow fee plus $300 impound fee plus whatever they charge per day to store their car until they can come get it. And, the City can make a few bucks too.

  • wadinmypants

    I’m with fed up. Residents should have exclusive parking rights without paying a damn cent. The college needs to find a solution, not dump their parking problem on the local residents. BUT……… This is the same college that didn’t want to share their new football field with the local high schools. Go figure.

  • Elmhurst street

    The students nor the residents are the problem . The problem is the college not addressing the issue . Residents and students need to join together and get the college to remove the parking fees and educate the students with regards to the street parking. I understand that there some legality why they can’t remove the parking fee. But the college is a Bussiness and It can change its policies. We live in a community and as part of the community there is a social responsibility to your neighbors whether it be private home owner or business. Ask your self is this about money or helping your fellow man.
    And yes I live in this neighbor hood and support Bob Muff in taking back our neighbor hood . I just believe there maybe other solutions

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