Mom pleads for thief to return daughter’s ashes

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EL CAJON, Calif. –

[UPDATE: The box with the ashes were returned to the police and the mother told FOX5 she was expecting to pick them up.]

A mother from El Cajon is completely distraught after her storage unit was ransacked and among the items missing were her daughter's ashes.

Lori Palsrok and her fiancé discovered their storage unit at Public Storage at 1510 N. Magnolia Avenue was ransacked Wednesday. Several irreplaceable items were stolen including her infant daughter's ashes.

Palsrok's daughter was born and died on the same day in 2003. She was premature and lived about an hour.  Palsrok has treasured her little girl’s ashes and stored them in a hand-decorated white box, because she couldn’t afford an urn.

"To have lost her and never really have held her face or told her I love her -- to have that one tangible thing to go to when everything was falling apart was just really special to me," Palsrok said with tears in her eyes. "I don’t have that anymore.”

As a way to save enough money to get their own place, Palsrok and her fiancé are camping in Lakeside while storing everything they own in a storage unit. Palsrok checked nearby dumpsters for her belongings and the box of ashes, but didn't find a trace.

The thief who broke the hinges off the storage door also left fingerprints and blood, Palsrok said.

San Diego Country Sheriff’s Department confirmed they are investigating the robbery.

Among the other items stolen are Palsrok's wedding dress, furniture and the suit her fiancé wore when he graduated from a rehab program.

Palsrok is pleading with anyone that might know where the ashes are located. She fears the criminals don’t know they have her daughter’s ashes because she kept that special box wrapped up and stored in a laundry basket.

“Drop it off at a church, a gas station, a police station; I don’t care,” she said.

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    • Bri

      She probably thought it was safer there then where she was. I’m sure she is already regretting not having it with her. Shame on you.


    If the police have blood and finger prints, why don’t they go into their data Web site, and get the the if who stole your babies ashes, and your belongss. I would also check the storage camera’s if they have cameras or videos and see if they find who is around your storage area, at that time. I’m very sorry to hear this about you and your family. I will pray for you and hope your belongs will be turn back to you soon. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS

  • Rhonda

    Good luck with that…SD Sheriffs don’t do crap. I had names phone numbers of people associated with the thief who stole my stuff and they did nothing. I even had serial numbers for my valuables that they never put in the system so my things were most likely pawned since they were not in the system as stolen. After several unanswered calls to them and over a month later they called me and told me that having the serial numbers would help…I was livid because I had already given this info the day after the incident and they just didn’t put them in the system. I hope she finds her daughter and other belongings :(

  • Obvious Statement

    How can one claim; how valued her daughters ashes are when they are in a storage. I’m pretty sure that the storage wasn’t her daughter’s first choice as a spot to rest. So to use this as the selling point in a news article, to provoke sympathy is just moronic and wrong. Shame on news for even reporting such behavior.

    • Maryjo

      Wow “Obvious.” It is “obvious” you are a very cold person. How about a little heart for a fellow human being who is having a rough time? Sheesh.

  • liz

    Has she let the news station know that she got the ashes back? Where were they? Oh, in her storage unit the entire. Looks like everyone was scammed

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