Save Our Bolts say Carson developments are only a distraction

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SAN DIEGO —  Carson City Council voted 3-0 Tuesday night to approve plans for a stadium that could be the San Diego Chargers’ new home.

It’s not surprising Bolts fans are losing hope the team will remain in San Diego.

“We understand that the fans are angry and feel like they’re not in control. But you are in control and your voice does matter,” said Thomas Powell, spokesman for Save Our Bolts.

Powell understands the emotions involved all too well. Save Our Bolts announced a rally to be held at Qualcomm Stadium on May 23. He said Chargers fans need to focus on supporting the upcoming stadium plan.

“We know we have the fan base here, we’re going to have a financial plan for the first time …there’s a lot more being accomplished in San Diego than there is in Carson, although it seems Carson is one step ahead of us,” Powell said.

Powell said it’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize — in this case, an NFL stadium and the Chargers where they belong: in San Diego.

“There’s a lot of obstacles to Carson,” said Powell. “Financially, plus it’s built on a dump, and Carson’s not the most attractive city than San Diego and again it’s mostly Raiders fans there. What we’re waiting for is a plan. To have a proper rally you need something to rally behind.”

FOX 5 contacted the Stadium Advisory Group but members declined to talk about recent developments in Carson, saying it’s focused on getting a stadium financing plan to the mayor by next month.

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  • Denial

    Denial is only a short term solution….Come to grips, the Chargers decided long ago they were moving out. They have been playing SD all along as a backup to their real agenda.

  • les

    A copy of my Email to the NFL
    The NFL needs to be more vocal about the moving of three teams to LA..any fan with a brain knows LA cannot have 3 or support 3 teams. You have 3 cities all spending valuable resources to approve and build a stadium that under the best of circumstances will take 3 years to build…If the Rams move to LA you have St Louis trying to approve a new stadium for nothing. If the Rams stay you have Inglewood wasting their time…If the Chargers move to Carson you have the city Of San Diego wasting it’s time trying to approve a stadium and if they stay in San Diego then Carson is wasting it’s time? There is a lot of emotional black mail going on here as all these cities cannot be winners. some one is going to be wasting their time and millions of dollars to boot!

  • Chasing the wind.

    The only winners are the ones that don’t have to spend money. Such a waste considering they already know they are leaving San Diego and playing everyone for the best deal for themselves. I say good ridden to bad rubbish. No one likes to be played. San Diego has more pressing issues than chasing the wind. We need to spend the money and give tax breaks to businesses that bring money and jobs in to San Diego, not entertainment circulating it around.

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