Motorcyclist killed in crash

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. – A motorcyclist was killed Wednesday morning after being thrown from his bike and then run over by on-coming traffic, Escondido police said.

The motorcyclist was driving on East El Norte Parkway when he ran into the back of a pickup truck and was thrown from the bike. A semi truck ran over the motorcyclist and he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Escondido Police Captain Mike Loar.

The driver of the semi did not stop, but Escondido police are not treating this as a hit-and-run as they believe the driver was unaware of the accident at the time. Nonetheless, the driver of the semi was being sought by police.

The 1600 block of East El Norte Parkway was closed in both directions while investigators looked into the crash.

The motorcyclist’s identity has not yet been released. Anyone with information is asked to call police.


  • Mikey

    “These people” refers to dumb ass motorcyclists that hall ass through traffic and tailgate. And “learn” refers to learn how to operate. Anyone that rides a motorcycle in a large populate city has what is coming.

    Mike- I am sure you are one of the dumb sh*t riders we have to deal with everyday!

    • Mike Carlisle

      No, I’m not a motorcyle rider, but you celebrating a person’s death on a news website, regardless of the reason, makes you a POS. How would you like to read someone else posting a comment like yours if it were someone you knew or loved that died?

  • Erica

    Oh, Mikey…I feel sorry for you and your bitter, hateful heart. You must not know and love a biker like Roy was known and loved. He leaves behind a wife and beautiful baby girl. How can you say he “had what is coming”? This was a terrible accident and those who knew him are aching. Please keep your hateful comments to yourself.

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