Both drivers killed in Ocean Beach head-on crash

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SAN DIEGO - Two people were killed in Ocean Beach early Sunday morning after a head-on crash on westbound Interstate 8, according to California Highway Patrol.

A Volkswagen sedan was reported driving east on westbound I-8 from Sunset Cliffs Boulevard just before 1 a.m.  The 22-year-old driver crashed head-on into a Honda Accord with three passengers. The 37-year-old man driving the Honda was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other women, both in their 30s, riding with him suffered minors injuries.

Rescue crews spent about 30 minutes cutting the driver of the Volkswagon from his car. He was taken to UC-San Diego Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. CHP officers could not  confirm if the second person killed in the crash was the driver of the Volkswagon.

The crash occurred just east of the traffic signal where the freeway ends, where large "do not enter - wrong way'' signs are intended to prevent turns from Sunset Cliffs Boulevard into oncoming freeway traffic.

Interstate 8 was closed for several hours early Sunday morning during the investigation. It is not yet known if alcohol or drugs were a factor.

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    • Ruiner

      Big Dan was the person who lost his life. He was an amazing person, and the world is worse for this loss. I spent a lot of time with him when I lived in Ocean Beach. He was always amazingly friendly, even when I was a jerk. He used to come down to my apartment complex to bring me 40s when I was poor and eating ramen every day. He’d ask about computer science, and memory models, and he’d show off his electrical engineering projects. Big Dan rigged a 1960s styled metal lunch box into a working portable PC running Linux. He was smart, and funny, and when I had few friends and no family in san diego, he still went out of his way to invite me places. I still remember the time he invited me out for the 4th of July fireworks show down at mission bay. I remember riding with him to/from the Defcon conference in vegas. I remember him coming over and hanging out with me and my roommate, explaining his various projects to my ex-roommate, and just blowing his mind. He did not deserve this. He, absolutely, was a great soul, and the world will suffer this loss as will his wonderful parents, his family, his girlfriend, and his friends. Dan, I know you can’t hear this but I want you to know you were a good person to me, and I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

      • Drumbskull

        Man, so sorry this happened to begin with, but hearing from someone like you that had life altering memories and events with Big Dan makes it really hit home. Sorry for your loss, and for OB’s loss. Words are never enough.

    • Aleja

      Very stupid comment with capital letters!!!! How you dare to assure that alcohol had to do with it just because of the time????? I drive constantly at late times all around San Diego and not because I am drinking!!!!! IS Because I am a nurse and I get off late from the hospital…..How about that ?????? Very stupid comment of yours….

      • Ryan

        Why was that comment stupid? It’s pretty safe to assume that a 22-year old driver going the wrong way on a freeway at 2 am on a Saturday night was drinking. If not then that’s fine too, but the original poster only said that alcohol could have been a factor. Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass next time you comment and use some critical thinking skills.

      • Ron

        Hey ahole…as a Sheriffs deputy, I know from experience that more than half the people on the road after mid night have been drinking, so stfu and kiss my a$$

        • Andrea

          As an updated post has said. Alcohol was NOT a factor in this. Just because he was 22 does not automatically assume he was intoxicated. It’s makes me sick that people are so quick to judge. Do you assume every cop is bad. Do you assume ever Mexican is illegal. Do you assume every black person is a “thug” don’t assume every person 21-22 is intoxicated while driving at a late hour.

          • anonymous

            Did the post come from the med examiners office? NO !!!!! Until the report comes out officially all are just speculating
            Some people will need to apologize. Bottom line a serious accident occurred due to someone driving the wrong way on a freeway. Perhaps some spike strips for wrong way drivers could help. Try to solve an issue instead of becoming opinionated without proper evidence.Both families are suffering. Do u really think all your blaming will bring anyone back? Try to be empathetic and sympathetic to all involved.and remember when you drive the wrong way you are somewhat responsible, mistake or not.

    • joey

      Alcohol has nothing to do with a time frame blithering idiot.. Have your mommy tuck you in before you say more stupid shit

      • M

        Sure, except that it’s a safe assumption that a reckless driver traveling the wrong way on the highway at 1 AM on a Saturday night might be under the influence.

        If you’re unable to connect those dots, you might want to ask your mommy what ‘blithering idiot’ means.

        • Rebecca I

          “Time of day plays an important role in evaluating fatal crashes, in no small part because other dangerous factors are compounded at night. The instances of drunk driving, speeding and driving without a safety belt all significantly increase during the night hours and each contributes directly to increased fatality rates.

          Speeding is a factor in 30% of all fatal crashes, according to the NHTSA. Eighteen percent of fatal crashes during the day are alcohol-related, while 54% of crashes at night are alcohol-related. Two-thirds of the people killed at night are not wearing a seat belt.”

          That doesn’t mean that someone driving at night is always drunk; it just means there is a statistically better chance of being hit by a drunk driver at night than at other times.

  • G

    Are you all from OB sound like a bunch of College Brats… someone died weather it was alcohol or not. There died and some life are no forever changed. Families are hurting. If your acing like your from OB then act like it respect and let people vent how they vent. Good word man you all are on a blog on a Fox new site… Act the way a OBsian should…. with love and respect. That what I talk most about OB when i travel this planet and I don’t want to see a blog with finger pointing from OBsians. Wake Up your the Adults. Dan and all the people involved are probably all great people they found OB.

    • M

      Your incomprehensible comment is embarrassing for the community, it’s clear that you didn’t go to college (or any school for that matter). As an OBecian (OBsian – really?), we need less people talking about love and respect and more who practice it. If alcohol was a factor then it needs to be addressed. Two people lost their lives, so learning from this and proactively working against alcohol-related deaths would be in everyones interest.

  • Sheri

    My cousin was killed going the right direction in this accident, we are devastated and our hearts are broken! He is gone now and we can’t bring him back!

  • anonymous

    Close friend was at the hospital where the man was pronounced dead. I know for a fact that the driver of the car at fault (the one going the wrong way) was under the influence. RIP to the innocent man who lost his life. Shame on those who are so naive as to think that drinking and driving is not a problem in San Diego.

    • Anonymous

      Shame on you for not acknowledging the other drivers passing, under the influence, or not. Have some respect – he was a 22 year old boy with a mother. Judge not…

      • Ron

        I have to judge when i see it everyday, people continue to drive and drink and it kills people and destroys families…do a ride along one night with law enforcement, it will open your eyes. When i started this post there was no disrespect involved, from a LE stand point, i knew from experience they were probably under the influence of something. May they rest in peace, no one should die from a mistake like this.

    • Andrea

      With an updated info from fox5 which stated alcohol was NOT involved in this accident. Zach was not under the influence. Not sure where your friend got their credibility from about him allegedly being under the influence.

  • Quinny kravitz

    His name was Andrew! And he was a great guy. From a guy who has multiple DUIs you never can imagine how hard it is on so many ppl till you know someone who’s died in a DUI. I was one of the lucky ones. I never killed anybody thank God. I can now officially say how stupid I was all those years of driving under the influence. Cars are killing machines and you never know what’s around the corner. RIP Andrew ( sithma⭐️)

  • H

    If alcohol wasn’t involved than it’s a good thing that dumb piece of scum is gone. What kind of idiot gets onto a 4 lane freeway the wrong way that’s clearly marked with huge signs and a fucking stoplight intersection telling you where to go. And all you idiots saying alcohol wasn’t involved you know nothing. Nothing has been released from the hospital yet. Your listening to Fox News which lies constantly

    • S

      This is the most disrespectful thing I have ever read. Respect this kid and his family, he made a mistake and passed away and you are calling him scum? Please show some respect. I know for a fact there was no alcohol involved and that he was an amazing kid that was not a reckless driver. Please think how you would feel if someone said that about you in this situation. Not okay.

  • anonymous

    Some people may feel stupid in a couple of weeks.

    Posts mean nothing unless backed up by a toxicology report.

  • Heart Broken

    I know Andrew was the love of my daughters life. They were coming home from the rodeo. She saw the headlights coming at them closed her eyes and her life was changed for ever.
    I talked to the M.E. she said the chp told her he was driving the wrong way at a high rate of speed.
    I don’t care what anyone says its not going to bring him back.
    Knowing Andrew like I did he probably would forgive his killer.
    The hard part is go fund his girlfriend money. No one has helped us with money.

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