Torrey Pines grad killed by train at Coachella fest

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SAN DIEGO – A Torrey Pines High School graduate who traveled to Coachella to attend a music festival was killed by a train, friends said Monday.

A train traveling near Pacific Street in Indio, about 4 miles northeast of the music festival, hit 23-year-old Jannik Andersen just after 3 a.m. Saturday, according to Riverside County Coroner's Office. He was later declared dead.

Officials at the coroner's office told the DailyCamera it was too early to tell whether drugs or alcohol played a role in Andersen's death.

Police in Indio were working with Union Pacific Railroad Police to investigate Andersen's death.

Andersen had been a student at University of Colorado after graduating from Torrey Pines High School in 2009. His friends told FOX 5 he traveled from Colorado to Coachella to attend the festival.

The popular two-weekend music festival draws around 90,000 fans to the California desert.

Friends of Andersen said they were making plans to travel to San Diego for his funeral, planned for this weekend.

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  • Bill

    Neither high school nor college taught him to stay off train tracks? I’m sorry for the train engineer.

    • Cole

      No matter the circumstance, a loss of life is a tragic event. This one hit especially hard as he was a friend and an inspiration to so many. To insult a person you have never met right after their death in a public forum? I’m not sure if there is a word in the English language that sufficiently describes the twisted depravity that requires.

    • dylan

      Neither high school, college, nor your parents taught you that leaving repugnant comments on the loss of a young man’s life in unacceptable? I’m sorry for your family and anyone that has the displeasure of meeting you. Next time you decide to comment on the loss of someone’s life, why don’t you take a moment to think about the individual’s family and friends. Jannik left behind a younger brother, 2 parents, and thousands of friends. You’re a sad, despicable human being.

  • Psychotropic

    It was either mushrooms, acid, or some research chemical passed off as acid. Guaranteed. You will get very scared and lose your mind on that junk. You don’t wander miles at 3am for no reason. You wander out of fear.

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