Mayor Kevin Faulconer unveils new budget

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SAN DIEGO -- Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposed 2016 budget is a $3.2 billion plan that focuses on street repair, recreation center hours, and police and fire response times.

Mayor Faulconer unveiled his budget at Skyline Hills Recreation Center flanked by city council members and other city employees.

He talked about upgrading the city's infrastructure and improving 300 miles of roadways.

The mayor also wants to invest money into expanding operation hours at recreation centers and installing modern playground equipment. He also wants to pay for increase internet speeds at city libraries.

"San Diegans will see more street repairs, better parks, more equality in neighborhood services, no matter where you live in San Diego your neighborhood is getting better," said Mayor Faulconer.

Faulconer is also proposing spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire of team of four code inspectors to go after "slum lords."

The proposed budget must be approved by the city council, which will begin considering it later this week.