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Clinton expected to focus on strengths of femininity

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SAN DIEGO - Hillary Clinton, who announced her bid for president Sunday, is expected to focus on the strength of being a woman verses avoiding the topic of gender, as she had done during her last presidential run in 2008.

“[Hillary] is embracing her gender this time around,” said San Diego State University lecturer Wendy L. Patrick, JD, PhD. “More than that, actually capitalizing on the likeablity factor that being a woman offers her.”

Patrick said the endearing traits we’ll hear in association with Clinton are traits admired in anyone: nurturing, caring, generous and empathetic. These are also traits typically associated with women.

“She’s distinguishing herself positively by using gender in her favor,” she said.

The prospect of Hillary Clinton as president also ushers in the prospect of the United States having its first First Man.

“Bill Clinton seems to be ready for the role. He is going to a good First Man, if it comes to that. It’s interesting to see how this plays out with the two of them totally shifting roles in 2016,” Patrick said.

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  • Baby Boomer66

    Femininity……Killary???? We can’t be talking about the Killary Hinton that I know. Caring?Empathetic? WTF?

  • Baby Boomer66

    There’s NOTHING feminine about a “woman” who would let 4 people be slaughtered in a “9-11” attack in Benghazi and then try to pin it on a cartoon movie about muhammed. Nothing feminine about a person who would lie and cover up e-mails on an illegal( by government definition) server. Nothing feminine about a person who would come out with a statement like “what difference does it make” in regards to the death and subsequent investigation into those deaths of 4 Americans. She is the epitome of a crooked politician. Hell, she even managed to get fired from the Water Gate investigation committee! She is not worthy of the office of President, although Obama has set the standards pretty low.

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