DMV revoking man’s license plate after finding ‘hidden’ message

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HOUSTON – He's had it for three years. Now, a Texas driver is being told to hand over his license plate, or it will be suspended.  The state has deemed the plate unacceptable.

There are more than 120,000 personalized license plates available in Texas. Safeer Hasaan has had one on his Lamborghini for the last three years, according to KPRC.  It reads, "370h55V."


Credit: KPRC

The problem is the state says this puzzling alpha-numeric jumble is no longer acceptable. They told him, "It has been determined that the personalization is offensive."

Haven't figured it out why this plate could be considered offensive? How about when we flip it over?  You're now looking at a blurred out cuss word, and it took the state some time to reach the conclusion.

Here's the rule for revocation:  "Would it invoke a response from other drivers that would be driving past that vehicle."

Hasaan argues his plate doesn't meet that standard, saying "I definitely think the state is overreaching their boundaries."

Hassan said he is strongly considering appealing the state's decision.

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  • Eddie G

    the guy knows that the courts are right because if it meant something else he would have said why he chose that combination of letters and numbers. but at least he is being honest and showing to the world what he is

  • Jag

    i dont fine it wrong he is just speaking his mind. I thought he has the freedom of speach i guess i was wrong then. I kinda like the plate and all of the people that dose not like it have no humor then

  • rob

    Who cares. Show me a mother, priest or child that would have even spotted the “hidden” message. How about we focus on over-passes and the sides of freight trains…

  • RMK

    That is not offensive at all, if the guy wants a customized plate, so be it. First of all it’s upside down so someone would have to point it out to u for you to even notice, second of all no children are going to look at it and see it. I find it unique and kinda cool for a lambo. Not offensive at all!

  • evilcrusher

    “Would it invoke a response from other drivers that would be driving past that vehicle.”” That is very vague. Your plain jane license plate invokes a response from me. In fact, isn’t the purpose of the custom plates, to invoke a response of some sort. What if the response is laughter.

  • Joel Hager

    So, it takes the DMV – who scrutinizes these plates regularly – 3 years to find this ‘hidden’ message, and they’re worried about people DRIVING BY to understand it and be offended by it?

    Well, it either shows how super-intelligent the drivers are, or how unbelievably stupid and/or incompetent the DMV is.

    Good job, idiots…

  • raymond r

    Now this is dumb I dont know how many bumper stickers I’ve seen that could be considered way more offensive don’t seem them banning all bumper stickers

  • Lawrence Johnso

    I’d be particularly offended if I was barrel-rolling my car down the freeway….. But only half the time.

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